Monday, March 20, 2017

Debelah Morgan-It's Not Over (1998)


That's right—the good music is never over here at "The Music Spectrum", and I'm sure serving up some good tunes with this next share of mine! It's forever seemed to me that, somewhere within the sea of mainstream female r&b singers of the 90's, the lovely Debelah Morgan (I have always liked her unique naming of' Debelah' as opposed to the more common 'Deborah') is one from the not-often-talked-about camp who's sailed at the aft end of the ship. So here is me bringing her back into the spotlight for a spell after setting sail on my latest personal music voyage. It was pure and refreshing delight the moment I took in her sweet, lofty voice on the opening title track; it was nothing short of amazing to hear this earliest showcase of her versatile vocal range into the upper stratosphere. That vocal phenomenon, in fact, would be something that I'd get treated to over and over again, the most brilliant moments exhibited on the dreamy, nicely-chilled slow groove, "Fly Away" (and now this has reinforced my notion that these romantic 'Fly Away' songs are just as heavenly as songs with 'Angel' as the theme); the equally fluid, soul-melting slow groove, "Here Waiting" (the tenderly comforting theme of her being whatever her man wants or whatever he needs driving the song here); then the stunningly powerful "Still In Love", "No One Compares" and "Tonight" (the first being a bittersweet duet performed alongside an uncredited soulful male vocalist, the second being astounding monumental while she boldly proclaims that she doesn't want anybody else if she can't have that one certain man, the third being an excellent piano piece where she confidently declares that she's saying goodbye to bad old memories and looking forward to a positive brand new life). There's a couple of shining moments where I thought the music was simply beautiful all around: "Don't Hurry Back" (this is one of those wining-down-for-the-night songs where only the accompanying ambient chords and the vocals entertain the ears) and "I Love You" (there's those three simple words again, and they make for a lovely three-and-a-half-minute guitar-driven pop selection that melts me all over). Debelah jams it up much bigger on such delicious beat-driven beauties as the seductive "Stay", "Whatever" (something about the accompanying synthesized riffs throughout gives this one a distinctive character and an attractive allure) and "Our Sweet Love". Then I got my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day" when I took in the totally unexpected fast-tempo dance remake of the Motown classic, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", on Track #7. I'd already been excited with the preceding "Radio Skit" serving as the [review intro, snippets of the version by DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES heard playing in the background, so you can imagine that my excitement level skyrocketed when I began playing Debelah's full-on version! It's not over 'til it's over, as the old adage goes, and immersing my ears and I with the voice of Debelah Morgan is far from over:

1. It's Not Over
2. Yesterday
3. Who Do You Love?
4. Stay
5. I Love You
6. Radio Skit
7. Ain't No Mountain
8. Fly Away
9. Our Sweet Love
10. Whatever
11. Still In Love
12. No One Compares
13. Here Waiting
14. Don't Hurry Back
15. Tonight

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