Tuesday, March 28, 2017

DJ Bobo-Dance With Me (1993)


The title of this next share speaks for itself, as that is the invitation I would like to extend to you tonight. While in the midst of my 90's joyride, I felt now would be a perfect time to reconnect with this talented Swiss singer and producer, a guy whose music I haven't treated myself to since the thrill I enjoyed a few years back with his 2007 album called "Vampires". I would've already done so by now, but I couldn't quite get around to him last night when I suddenly acquired a craving for some good 90's house music. So 24 hours later, here I am going back to the beginning of DJ Bobo's career with his breakout debut album, and I was all smiles for the duration of the official opening track (following the introductory snippet announcing the jams that are to follow). "Somebody Dance With Me" was the very first DJ Bobo cut I'd ever heard, and it was sheer pleasure hearing the perfectly-90's house rhythm and memorable arrangement and delivery of the chorus, which features the sweet voice of a guest female singer singing the title lyrics. I've always noted now that chorus, in fact, sounds a lot like the chorus arrangement to the 80's Rockwell hit, "Somebody's Watching Me"; I can even draw the comparison of Rockwell to DJ Bobo, acting as the MC and laying down the raps while the female vocalist is a mirror of the late Michael Jackson singing the part that goes ' I always feel like somebody's watching me ' There's surely tons of remixes of "Somebody Dance With Me" that have been released since 1993; you'll get two of them here (I myself favor the 'DMC Remix' because of its more crisp, pop-sounding dance beat). Another good one I still love from long ago has surely gotten the ultimate remix treatment as well: "Keep On Dancing". In fact, this album's fifth track sounds quite similar to "Somebody Dance With Me"; it's the chords, the fast-tempo keyboards and those soft, sweet vocals of the guest female singer again that I find so tantalizing here, all designed to get you up and moving! I'm forever the sucker for those bouncy Europop reggae-inspired cuts, and Track #4's memorable feel-gooder, "Everybody", was just the sugar I needed. I recall this one well because of the distinctively quiet, low-key delivery of the chorus, despite the song's celebratory atmosphere and the theme of getting people together to have fun. Vaguely remembered "Take Control", there's just something so familiar about the chorus, notably the words of taking control of your body and your mind, which is practically the same idea going on with Track #6's "I Want Your Body" (fast-tempo jams like this are a perfect reminder why 90's house music was so popular and addictive in its heyday). Sometimes you just wanna groove to the music, and the Swiss DJ's got you all covered with the all-instrumental affair that is "Uh Uh" (this one actually feels like a megamix, as the arrangement repeatedly shifts back and forth from something reminiscent of the chorus to "Somebody Dance With Me" to the main beat) and the glitzy, appropriately-titled "Music", which features lots of contrasting textures (sharp, electronic violin riffs and buzzing horns, for instance) for the audio senses to indulge in. Feel like dancing yet?

1. Intro
2. Somebody Dance With Me
3. Take Control
4. Everybody
5. Keep On Dancing
6. I Want Your Body
7. Uh Uh
8. Let's Groove On
9. Somebody Dance With Me (Italian Mix)
10. Music.
11. Move Your Feet
12. Keep On Dancing (12" Fashion Mix)
13. Somebody Dance With Me (DMC Remix)

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