Wednesday, March 29, 2017

DJ Bobo-There Is A Party (1994)


Once again, the title to an album speaks the real truth; there is a party—of the Eurodance variety, that is—happening right here on DJ Bobo's follow up to 1993's "Dance With Me". I had even less memory of the tracks featured on this one, so my mid-afternoon joyride with "There Is A Party" saw me practically cruising through a brand new neighborhood of music territory. As with his debut, the Swiss DJ gets you into the zone with a cool, introductory snippet—he calls it "Technology" this time, which is him explaining the meaning of the definition of synthesized music—before the party officially starts with the delicious "Let The Dream Come True", where a more sultry and soulful female vocalist takes center stage in place of the soft-voiced sweetie heard predominantly on his debut. The latter female vocalist, however, returns to the forefront and delights the ears on "What About My Broken Heart?", her mellowed delivery of the title lyrics and about broken dreams and how things don't matter and such giving the song its touching charm. It's a lively mixture of unified voices altogether on the high-speed spirited jam "Freedom", the fun expedition that is "Deep In The Jungle" (this one even borders on the edge of being bubblegum Eurodance with the tribal, ceremonial delivery of the 'hum-ma-ma-ba-heya' mumbo jumbo) and two more new-found favorites with that important-message-for-the-people theme going on: the mid-tempo piece "Give Yourself A Chance" (I embrace every one of these kinds of songs that promote peace and world change) and "I Feel It" (the comforting and inspirational words of ' I hear music and everything's alight ' against the bouncy Europop beat and the beautiful melody is like a rainbow at the end of a storm and makes this one the sparkling feel-gooder that it is!). Further music beauty can be appreciated on the summery breeze of a title track and the bombastic "You Belong To Me" (it's the chords and the bangin' bass line that captured me first, then the simple repeated words of the chorus that go 'you belong to be and I belong to you' that get stuck in my head). With the latter one, I had halfway wondered if it would be a dance cover of the soulicious Anita Baker classic before I started listening, thinking it would be cool to hear that memorable tune in a revamped Eurodance format. Had the same sentiments about this album's tenth track, whose title shares its name with the golden 1967 TROGGS classic that was sublimely covered by my beloved Marti Pellow and company for WET WET WET's 1995 remake. I would instead get a unique and sunny DJ Bobo Eurodance selection both times, just like the super-charged "Everything Has Changed" and the concluding cut, "There's A Paradise", are:

1. Technology
2. Let The Dream Come True (Album Mix)
3. There Is A Party (Album Mix)
4. Everything Has Changed
5. Freedom (Album Version)
6. Give Yourself A Chance
7. What About My Broken Heart
8. I Know What I Want
9. I Feel It
10. Love Is All Around (Album Mix).
11. You Belong To Me
12. Deep In The Jungle
13. Tooo Many Nights
14. There's A Paradise

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