Thursday, March 9, 2017

DRAMATICS-Somewhere In Time (A Dramatic Reunion) (1985)


My ears and more of that good ole groovin' 80's r&b and soul reunited today when I went on a 40-minute joyride with another legendary group whom listeners from the older generation still cherish deeply in their hearts: THE DRAMATICS. That joyride came in the form of their 1985 album, "Somewhere In Time (A Dramatic Reunion) " which, from what I gathered in my read-up about the group's storied background (which I've been doing quite a bit of throughout this current 80's re-discovery mission of mine), coincided with the members reuniting after briefly disbanding midway through the decade. Glad that they did reunite, as they recorded a fun batch of songs here from which I now have three new goodies to add to my expanding playlists of favorites! "One Love Ago", a very touching and bittersweet ballad of reflection delivered in the spirit of the vintage all-male soul vocal group style with a starry 80's coating underneath, was the first to capture my senses, being sung to the sweetest perfection. The ballads, in fact, make for some of the sweetest moments; I was equally captivated by "When Love Is Over" and its message of the songwriter wanting to make up before breaking up, plus the second song of reflection that is "Days Of Yea And Ney" where their remembrance of times when life was so simple and so easy has so much validity and truth to it even now in the Year 2017. Then there's the treat that is the medley on Track #6, where these soul legends perform snippets of some of their best-known hits from the 70's. Can't say that I remember or know any of them well, but now that I've heard their partial 80's remakes of "Hey You, Get Off My Mountain" and "Girl, Stop Your Weeping", I will be looking forward to the day when I go back to tune in to the full-length 70's originals. Nice to hear each of the members showing off their varied individual vocal ranges during the "In The Rain" portion of the medley. And it's always a treat whenever I get to jam to any of those those groovy, dancey pop numbers. Got my first chance to do that with the opener, "Dream Lady", where crowd-pumping announcement at the very beginning proclaiming THE DRAMATICS' return to the spotlight further supports the fact that this album was indeed released in conjunction with their reformation. Both "Razor Blade" and "She's Wild" put the fun back in old-school funk and are totally jams that you would hear only in the awesome 80's—the former being a song of warning about females who might seem nice until she takes a slice (as the guys point out in the chorus) while the latter (complete with animal roaring effects and all) talks about females being bad in a good way. My favorite of these groovy jams is definitely "Show Me What You Got"; it's one more song in the catalog of songs about the game of love where talk is considered cheap and backing up all of the steamy talk and actually walking the walk is considered golden:

1. Dream Lady
2. Razor Blade
3. One Love Ago
4. Show Me What You Got
5. When Love Is Over
6. Medley: Somewhere In Time / In The Rain / Fell For You /
    Hey You, Get Off My Mountain / Girl, Stop Your Weeping / Be My Girl
7. Days Of Yea And Ney
8. Luv's Callin'
9. She's Wild

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