Monday, March 13, 2017

D'SOUND-Acoustic Live Session (2006)


Now the musical chameleon in me has taken another detour in order to present a little gift for the smooth jazz lovers out there! The Norwegian acid jazz/pop group that stylistically calls itself D'SOUND is one of those artists who I keep neglecting to treat myself to a full uninterrupted listen to, despite my total awareness of their existence since the latter part of the 90's. Reinforcing my unresolved personal quest is this fulfilled request, a mini-compilation of the group's greatest hits performed before a live audience. If this is your first time ever getting acquainted with D'SOUND's sound, then this five-track teaser it is a perfect way to get formally introduced to the exotic, soulful voice of lead singer Simone Larsen. Taken from D'SOUND's debut album, "Spice Of Life", are two of my favorite cuts: "Love Is On" and "Smooth Escape". The former's funky jazz swing will entice you right off the bat, followed by the chilled, soft groove and Simone's hypnotic words telling how love comes in bits and pieces. As for the latter, it's a pretty neat coincidence that they recorded a song with this title, considering the silky smooth nature of this particular song and the notion that every one of their albums might be seen as a 'smooth escape' from reality because of their easy-listening, smooth jazz sound. Though there's some irony in that last statement&mash;both figuratively and literally, in fact&mash;with their 1999 single, "Disco Ironic". Here, the music has a very groovy, upbeat rhythm that screams old-school disco, yet still manages to possess a contemporary, modern music feel. Then there's the pair that were recorded on the group's sophomore album, "Beauty Is A Blessing", consisting of the opener, "Ain't Giving Up On You" and the easy-flowing, day-dreamy delight that is "Tattooed On My Mind" (which might just stay tattooed on your mind as the warmth of the song and its accompanying music fill your ears). As I said, this mini-compilation is just a tease, so checking out their albums from the very beginning—which I have every intention of doing at last—is highly recommended:

1. Ain't Giving Up On You (Acoustic Live Session)
2. Smooth Escape (Acoustic Live Session)
3. Disco Ironic (Acoustic Live Session)
4. Love Is On (Acoustic Live Session)
5. Tattooed On My Mind (Acoustic Live Session)

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