Saturday, March 25, 2017

S.O.S. BAND-One Of Many Nights (1991)


One of many nights indeed—my mode of hearing the more contemporary incarnations of old soul and disco groups continues on this Saturday night with the group who was best known for the 1980 hit, "Take Your Time (Do It Right)". And just thinking about that groovy popular favorite here and now gets me wanting to sing that memorable chorus that goes 'come on we can do it, take your time, do it right, we can do it baby, do it tonight'. I'll have to treat my ears to a few replays of that sometime later, but for now, my treat for you is S.O.S.BAND's final studio album, which coincidentally was released very early into the 90's much like my previous featuring of SHALAMAR's "Wake Up" was. Although this group's acronym stands for 'Sounds of Success', I modified it temporarily for this post to be 'Save Our Sounds', because the music featured here on "One Of Many Nights" represent the kind of music that needs saving and to be kept alive! One thing I vividly recalled about vintage S.O.S is that they were fronted by the sultry voice of a female singer (that's about as far as my knowledge of their lineup goes), and she is still front and center when the album opens up with the perfectly early-90's upbeat jam, "I Wanna Be The One". So many perfectly early-90's jams to get you going, in fact; accompanying the bombastic opener on the upbeat side are the follow-up, "Sometimes I Wonder", "Are You Ready?" (ready for the love she wants to give, that is, while listeners should be prepared to jam to the hot music, particularly the hook and the excellent rap flow delivered by the MC midway through), "Can't Explain" and the brilliantly lively hip-hop/funk party that evolves into a house party on "Get Hyped On This". Something I admired about the arrangement of the beginning portion album is how the theme of one song transitioned well into the next. The opener sees her boasting that she wants to be the only lady in his life, but then questions about their love affair arise with "Sometimes I Wonder", which leads to a complete breakup and her determination to be free and to move forward with her life on the album's first slow jam, "Broken Promises". Right afterwards is her wanting to reconcile and start over on "How Can We Ever Get Back Together?" (the tender dialogue midway through where they make up and confess that they'd never forgotten about each other is a nice touch while the fluttery trumpet instrumental adds to the music's appeal). Then a complementary song to the opening track is Track #9's nicely chilled "I Only Want You"; now it is her stating she wants him to be the only one for her. S.O.S. BAND may not have achieved further success beyond this final studio album, but listening to these songs has revealed to me that their music is very much worth saving:

1. I Wanna Be The One
2. Sometimes I Wonder
3. Broken Promises
4. How Can We Ever Get Back Together?
5. Are You Ready?
6. Can't Explain
7. Someone I Can Love
8. Get Hyped On This
9. I Only Want You
10. One Of Many Nights

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