Monday, March 13, 2017

Sandée-Short Notice [Fan Edition] (2017)


Taking a detour in my current 80's joyride from my re-discoveries of the legendary soul groups to re-discover some of the memorable sounds of the Latin Freestyle music era. That idea was motivated by my scanning through an old playlist and seeing the name of an artist whom I got acquainted with at least nine years ago, but well after the 80's was over. Sandée Casañas, I learned not to long ago, was one of the original members of the all-female Freestyle supergroup, EXPOSÉ (I can hear their hits "Come Go With Me", "Seasons Change" and "Let Me Be The One" echoing in my thoughts as I write here). But something else I learned and had absolutely no idea about was a real shocker: her untimely passing back in 2008. It was that sudden knowledge, plus the musical chameleon in me abruptly deciding to change gears and switch over to pure dance/pop music, that has inspired me to share this fan-made treat I put together entitled "Short Notice". It consists of the select mixes in my collection of the four singles that Sandée recorded back in my favorite decade during her abbreviated solo career, prior tothe release of her one and only known full album from 1991, "Only Time Will Tell" ('Nastyg' over at my affiliate blog, "The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars", has done a remarkable feature on that here at The earliest of these singles was 1986's "You're The One", the very first song of hers I'd ever heard and the one that I love the most overall; if you're looking for a perfectly pop-tastic Freestyle jam, "You're The One" is the one for you! ' You're the one my heart beats for, and I'll always love you '—the chorus gets so addicting after just a couple of rounds. The 7-inch version cuts off at a few seconds shy of the four-minute mark, but thankfully, several additional mixes (such as the 5+ minute 'Original Mix', whose arrangement is very close to the 7-inch version, and the equally-extensive 'Miami Mix' and "New York Mix') prolong the "You're The One" Freestyle party further. There were only a couple of mixes, to my knowledge, of the dancey 1988 single, "Always Beside Me"; I have the 6-minute 'Club Mix' version and love every second of it, particularly when her voice reaches the lofty high note on her delivery of 'always' in the second part of the chorus. In stark contrast is the gargantuan number of mixes created for her single that was recorded in the same year: "Notice Me". Another great Freestyle jam (and I love the backup vocalists who do that 'oh-way-oh, na-na-na-na-na' during the chorus), but you'll get more jam for your buck with the 7+ minute Magic Mix', 'Extended Club Vocal' mix and the bombastic 'Clivilles & Cole Club Mix' (there's a lot of cool sounds and textures going into this one—Sandée speaking in Spanish and her loud looping wails, the synthesized organ instrumental, the swirly air sounds), plus the 8+ minute 'Notice The House Mix'. That just leaves the vocal version of "Let's Stay In Love", whose nicely chilled, slower-tempo groove is 80's easy-listening radio perfect, her opening spoken words of ' baby, let's stay in love. just you and me, in love forever' setting the mood and romantic glow just right for sinking in:

1. Always Beside Me (Club Mix)
2. Let's Stay In Love (Vocal)
3. Notice Me (Clivilles & Cole Club Mix)
4. Notice Me (Drumapella)
5. Notice Me (Dubbin' At Studio 54 Mix)
6. Notice Me (Extended Club Vocal)
7. Notice Me (Magic Mix)
8. Notice Me (Notice The House Mix)
9. Notice Me (Radio Version)
10. You're The One (7" Version)
11. You're The One (Miami Mix)
12. You're The One (New York Mix)
13. You're The One (Original Mix)
14. You're The One (You're The Dub)

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