Friday, April 28, 2017

Basshunter-Calling Time (2013)


In a way, I have been doing some 'bass hunting' of my own, as I've suddenly found myself jumping back into the realm of dance music and wanting to hear something with some cool hard beats! Next to be called up on my re-connection line is the Swedish DJ and producer who really knows how to blast the bass! "Calling Time" was one of the albums by him that I'd been missing, so I went all out and treated myself to this monster hour-long, eighteen-track package of dance music bliss! It's high-energy albums just like this that I love to indulge in, as they're a great way for me to escape and to really let loose! Such is the attitude on the super-charged opener appropriately called "Saturday", as that tends to be the one day of the week when much of the population wants to leave all cares behind, go out for a night on the town and celebrate. The music kept me hooked for sure, as did the way he sings 'out of c-c-control now' and 'I like to move it, move it' (which reminds me of that song from that animated "Madagascar" movie soundtrack) behind the vocals of the guest female singer who delivers the chorus. It's a different lady—a Dulce Maria—who is featured on the surprise bilingual cut, "Wake Up Beside Me". Honestly wasn't expecting the Spanish lyrics here, but they are a pleasant allure to my ears alongside the airy sunniness of the chords and the bangin' Eurodance beat. Yet another lady is invited to spice things up a bit on the track entitled "Fest I Hela Huest"; the way her chopped-up vocals go 'whoa-oh-oh-whoa-oh-oh' is just some of the things toyed with in the production that make this one a lot of fun to listen to. Basshunter surely had some fun of his own showing off the production skills on "Pitchy Track". Initially, I was curious what 'pitchy' actually referred to, but as the track ended up being non-vocal, all-out trance groove, I suspect 'pitchy' meant that the music was all about the 'pitch', the sound and all of the other instrumental ingredients that went into it. There are all-out trance grooves, and then there are the high-octane club cuts that are purposely intended to get the crowds pumped up: "Crash & Burn", "Dirty", "I Came Here To Party" and especially "Far Away", where he's showing off the mixing skills on the machines to the extreme and getting club goers fired up with his chants of ' let's get this party started! '. It's an instructional of sorts on how to make the right music on "Lawnmower To Music". As with "Pitchy Track", I was initially curious what the 'lawnmower' referred to. In his spoken digitally-disguised explanation, I gathered that 'lawnmower' symbolized him cutting up an original piano score and sculpting it into a nice, clean trance jam.....or something to that effect. You'll be going 'WOW!' in response to the explosive beats erupting on this album's title track while my #1 favorite of "Dream On The Dance Floor" had me going 'WOW!'. The ultra-fast tempo, the dreamy chords and Basshunter's mellow vocals are what immediately contributed to me being so allured by the latter, the allure enhanced later by the flashy production play (the shift from the glitzy, skippy electronic accompaniment during the momentary beat drop drop, for example). Just when you think this one couldn't get any better, you'll be blown away by the awesome 'Rude Dog Remix' that pops up towards the end of the album—a definite must-have for all of the clubgoers! Sure feels like a couple of my other favorite cuts quite literally did get cut: "You're Not Alone" and "Rise My Love". Each is a bit too short for my personal taste, with the former teasing me further with its progressive Europop sound making it always sound like it's on the verge of evolving into a full-out dance thriller; at the least, it's begging for the remix treatment, but I found delight with ts overall sunny, comforting air painted by the lyrics. "Rise My Love", on the other hand, is the Eurodance thrill that "You're Not Alone" could've been, and possesses a couple of cool production effects that perks my senses: the 'electronic sizzling' (which I compare to grease cooking in a skillet) that builds up before the pounding beat takes over in the beginning and the distorted, mechanical 'whistle melody'. Calling all dance music lovers&mash;"Calling Time" is calling for you to break away and take part in this bombastic Basshunter blowout:

1. Saturday
2. Dream On The Dancefloor
3. Crash & Burn
4. Wake Up Beside Me
5. Calling Time
6. Far Away
7. I've Got You Now
8. You're Not Alone
9. Rise My Love
10. Pitchy Track
11. I Came Here To Party
12. Dirty
13. Lawnmower To Music
14. Fest I Hela Huset
15. Northern Light
16. Far Away (Josh's Big Room Remix)
17. Dream On The Dancefloor (Rude Dog Remix)
18. Northern Light (Candlelight Version)

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