Friday, April 28, 2017

COMPACT DISCO-The Storm (2013)


In a day where I've been reconnecting with fellow music lovers in my circles, it only seemed right that I continued reconnecting with artists I've previously had the pleasure of getting acquainted with. As the electronic/synthpop sound keeps on spinning inside of my mental jukebox, today was a good time for me to finally pick up the fourth—and currently, final—studio album by the Hungarian dance trio that calls itself COMPACT DISCO. I still like how their stylistic name was, presumably, inspired by 'compact disc'; after all, this is a CD that people are listening to their music on, and their catchy electronic dance arrangements are Eurodisco groovy in nature. Indeed, there are some electrifying, groovy jams that'll be coming over the horizon when "The Storm" rolls in with the opener, "The Guardian", which is quite an engaging song that talks about the songwriter who deems himself to be a woman's divine protector. It would be the first of a select group of slower-tempo tunes that, although they steered clear of the disco dance floor, made for pleasant listens nonetheless. "Miracle" is the second one of that group; it's nice on the ears, despite its rather haunting words. But nothing haunts the senses more than Track #8's "The Phantom", whose dark ambiance and edgy intensity are the perfect backdrop to a song about a man feeling like he's being watched by somebody lurking around the corner (the double-layered contrasting vocal effects further contribute to the 'ghastly' mood here). It's a creepy three-and-a-half minute ride for sure, but it's personally one of my favorite moments! Not nearly as creepy, but there's another one I love that's got some intense edge to it:as well: "We Will Not Go Down". High-powered intensity is more like it, thanks to the pounding electronic rock dance beat and the lead guy's bold declaration of the title lyrics repeatedly delivered in the energetic chorus. That's just one of the pure Eurodisco thrills brewing here on "The Storm"; equally igniting that spark is the dreamy trance cut ironically called "Serenity" (well, the mellow vocals and the twinkly chords do instill a certain feeling of peace, actually) the progressive drum n' bass cut, "You Don't Care" and the ambient, airy trance affair that is "It's Calling You". I get a real charge out of the latter, thanks to its ultra-glitzy instrumental arrangements and its distinctively 80's synthpop flavor; both that and "You Don't Care" are highly recommended if you like your electronic jams with lots of shimmer and glitz! Then perhaps the most charming moment of all: the breezy, easy-listening concluding piece, "I Want More". What starts off simple enough evolves into quite the epic presentation when his soaring vocals earnestly cry out the title lyrics in the chorus. There hasn't seemed to be anything else brewing on this Hungarian trio's storm front since this album's release, but for now, I'll take this small ten-track package and add it to my compact disc collection:

1. The Guardian
2. The Storm
3. You Don't Care
4. Serenity
5. Miracle
6. One Of Those Days
7. It's Calling You
8. The Phantom
9. We Will Not Go Down
10. I Want More

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