Thursday, April 13, 2017

DOLLIE DE LUXE-Dollie De Luxe (1984)


There was the Dutch girl group called DOLLY DOTS, and then there was this Norwegian pop duo called DOLLIE DE LUXE. I'm catching up with some past music recommendations, and with my head still swimming around in the 80's checking out DOLLIE DE LUXE's self-titled debut felt like a good place to start. I'm happy to report that, after this latest 40+ minutes of indulging in the sounds of my favorite decade, I now have even more new goodies to feed my 80's pop addiction further! The sugar rush began with the bouncy opener, "Everybody Loves A Winner", which any 80's pop lover cannot possibly avoid being hooked to. It's their sweet girly voices that make them instantly charming, and their down-to-earth lyrics about how people are attracted to money and fame and how they want the same thing for themselves makes this song the delightfully catchy guilty pleasure that it is. 'Catchy' is a word that kept springing up in my thoughts, as that is what the chorus to just about every song thereafter. The chorus, in fact, is the reason why I devoured the perky pop-perfect "Life Was Made For Living" (the sunny sing-along chorus and the distorted robotic vocals reeled me in here), "Wanted" (the lead girl's soaring operatic vocals is the highlight of the show here) and what emerged as my #1, "On Top Again" (love that part of the chorus that goes ' I'll even let you think you're in command ', but the whole song is fabulous!). Speaking of opera, I was thrown for a loop on the two-part track, "Queen Of The Night / Satisfaction", which kicks off with the rock guitars and the male vocals performing the distinctively ROLLING STONES-style classic of the song that British pop princess Samantha Fox would cover some years later (and that is the version that I always remember the most). Me wonders if it is indeed Mick Jagger and company performing "Satisfaction" here? Then out of nowhere, the shrill female operatic vocals take the song to a whole new level until it becomes a cool rock/opera hybrid that actually flows together quite nicely. I thought it may have been another lady performing here altogether, but concluded that it had to be one of these DOLLIE DE LUXE girls, evidenced a third time when I would year those same operatic vocals again on "You And I". Delectably and deliciously 80's is the dancey tune "Hit Between The Eyes" (I like the way the lead girl provocatively speak the title lyrics with distinctive European accent, then the way she sings 'I-I-E-I-E-I-E-I-E-eyes' at the end of chorus) while more of their sweet, sunny charm puts a dazzling glow on the dreamy ballad, "Forever", the equally dreamy breeze, "Exactly What I Want" and the ear-pleasing "Sunshine Avenue" (there's distinctive reggae bounce beneath the synthpop rhythm that gets me on this one). So take it from me—DOLLIE DE LUXE is 80's music deluxe:

1. Everybody Loves A Winner
2. Hit Between The Eyes
3. Life Was Made For Living
4. Forever
5. I Don't Care
6. On Top Again
7. Queen Of The Night / Satisfaction
8. Exactly What I Want
9. You And I
10. Sunshine Avenue
11. Wanted
12. Our Love

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