Saturday, April 1, 2017

DTU-My Broken Heart / Open Your Eyes (1991)


No April Fool's Day jokes today at "The Music Spectrum", but Freestyle music lovers might be a bit foolish not to have in their music collections this rare single by the short-lived Latin Freestyle group called DTU (their acronym stands for ' Doin' The Ultimate ', which I did not even know myself for the longest time). The trio of Anthony Ponzio, Anthony Santosusso and Johnny Genovese—seen on my custom cover artwork pictured above—have, to my knowledge, recorded only four songs altogether under the DTU name while also doing solo material and production work for other artists. "My Broken Heart" and "Open Your Eyes", then, are your typical dancey Freestyle tunes where the feeling of love is in the air and the beats are the main affair. Although with "My Broken Heart", that feeling is a bit sad as the songwriter pleads for the girl to stay with him to mend that heartbreak. Not sure which of the three members does the lead vocal duties on both tracks—unofficial sources tell me its one of the two Anthonys with third member Johnny playing on keyboards—but he gets the job done with that distinctively classic Freestyle passion heard and felt in this pop music subgenre. DTU would record a remake of the former two years later with fellow Freestyle group PURE PLEAZURE which, if I recall correctly, had been how I got acquainted with this trio in the first place (and checking out PURE PLEAZURE, if you haven't already, also comes highly recommended by me). It is this 1993 recording that I personally favor over the 1991 original; there's something cool about the suspenseful sound of the chords and how it seems to breathe new life into this particular version, plus the 'run-on' style in which the revamped lyrics to the chorus are laid down and seamlessly delivered (I believe it's one of the Anthonys singing with PURE PLEAZURE here, and their contrasting high-low harmony is really nice here) . I would love to acquire the proper four-track remix single released in 1994, but in the meantime, this three-track single representing the early incarnation of DTU's music and the refreshing 1993 standalone remix are something for my ears to forever jam to:

1. My Broken Heart
2. Open Your Eyes
3. Dub Your Eyes

*****BONUS TRACK*****

4. My Broken Heart '93

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