Saturday, April 22, 2017

FAIR CONTROL-The Single & Maxi Collection (2016)


It's been an 80's music affair here at "The Music Spectrum" for the past several days, and I'm staying on cruise control as the joyride continues with yet another newly-addicting batch of tunes. The German synthpop duo that called itself FAIR CONTROL was recommended to me late last summer, that recommendation including lots of interesting background information about how their sound closely resembled that of MODERN TALKING (whose music I am also still catching up on). I'm sure Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders fans have already been hip to FAIR CONTROL for some time now; as for me, it's only been a month since I started tuning in to this rare compilation of their hits. Unfortunately, this is as far as my joyride with this duo will go, as they would never release any full-length albums in their abbreviated career together. As such, repeated replays of these same handful of songs has had to suffice.....and I'm not even sure if I've gotten completely filled up on them yet! What started off as a casual listen via my car's iPod has become embedded in my mental jukebox (so has been the theme with me lately), and the song in this single and maxi collection that I've gotten addicted to the most is "Broken Dreams". I just love the glitzy, energetic synthpop beat—it's so 80's!—and their lofty, melodic vocals during the chorus where they sing 'broken dreams in the night' against the rather haunting sound of the chords. So glad that they created an instrumental-exclusive version for my ears to enjoy! Though I feel like I've heard three of the other tracks a hundred times more, probably because there are three versions of each of them: "Symphony Of Love" (I like the simple, bouncy beat and the warming, lofty chorus where the words ' it's the symphony of love ' get stuck to me), "Angel Eyes" and, what's become my #2 favorite, "We Can Fly" (the fluid flow of the music and the collective voices singing 'we can fly, we can fly together, you can make it shine' makes this such a lovely song). "Letter From India" is the standalone track with no apparent mixes nor accompanying instrumentals, but it sticks out because of its subtle Far Eastern-inspired synthesized arrangement. Yes indeed, this FAIR CONTROL duo really does sound a lot like MODERN TALKING; I only wish I had much more of their music to talk about:

1. Symphony Of Love (Single Version)
2. Angel Eyes (Single Version)
3. We Can Fly Together (Single Version)
4. Letter From India
5. Symphony Of Love (Maxi Version)
6. Angel Eyes (Maxi Version)
7. We Can Fly Together (Maxi Version)
8. Broken Dreams (Maxi Version)
9. Symphony Of Love (WolfBack's Remix)
10. We Can Fly Together (Original Extended Version)
11. Symphony Of Love (Ultrasound Extended Remix)
12. Angel Eyes (Instrumental)
13. Symphony Of Love (Extended Relax Version) '
14. Broken Dreams Suite (Instrumental)
15. Symphony Of Love (Remix 2015)

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