Sunday, April 23, 2017

MODERN TALKING-2000: Year Of The Dragon (2000)


You knew this one was coming—a feature presentation on this celebrated German synthpop duo of Thomas Anders and Deter Bohlen, right after my alluding to them in my previous presentation on FAIR CONTROL. I have been looking forward to resuming my musical joyride backwards with MODERN TALKING for several days now. 'Backwards', I say, because I had began with their newest albums and progressing in reverse chronological order, my ears and I believing we'd already conquered everything they released back in the 80's. Their ninth album, then, would be the next in their decades-long dynasty to be slayed. Although this is the day I would finally take on "2000: The Year Of The Dragon" for size in its entirety from start to finish, I've had the pleasure of slaying a good portion of this mighty nineteen-track beast before with a couple of their familiar tunes: "China In Her Eyes" and "Avec Moi". The former I remember well from a compilation of greatest hits I indulged in not too long ago—the recognizable majestic drum intro, the breezy accompaniment of the airy woodwind giving the music its delightful Far Eastern touch, and Thomas Anders' adorably lofty vocals singing ' China in her eyes, can you feel it? ' and the nearly inaudible ' can't you see, it's you and me ' in that second chorus. Had never heard the 'Eric Singleton Remix' that serves as the bonus treat at the very end (yep, I had to skip down to it out of curiosity); I love how this guest MC spices up the original with the cool hip hop flavor of the added rap lyrics! As for "Avec Moi", my memory of it isn't as crystal clear, but it was sure a pleasure being allured once more by the mellow tonality of the chords and the energetic rhythm! There are so many other Eurodisco-style jams that excite my music senses here: the bangin' beats and the very 80's sound of the chords to "Don't Take Away My Heart"; "My Lonely Girl" (the majestically epic intro is similar to that of "China In Your Hands" with the bells and cymbals clashing before the glitzy Eurodisco takes over); the festively bouncy, Latin-flavored "No Face, No Name, No Number" (the Spanish guitar rhythm totally gets me thinking about of any of those hits by the 90's all-male dance group, NO MERCY); "I'm Not Guilty" (a jam that is cut waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to short for my taste!); and especially the mega-groovy pair of "Walking In The Rain Of Paris" and "Love is Forever". I would get reminded by how much of a charmer Thomas Anders can be when the beats slow down on the warming ballad, "It's Your Smile", plus my new-found favorites of "Can't Let Go" and "Fight For The Right To Love" (the piano/orchestra combination makes both of these romantic pieces so easy to get lost inside of). 2000 may have been the year of the dragon, but I can mark 2017 as the year that the dragon's been resurrected so that its music can live again:

1. China In Her Eyes (Album Version)
2. Don't Take Away My Heart
3. It's Your Smile
4. Cosmic Girl
5. After Your Love Is Gone
6. Girl Out Of My Dreams
7. My Lonely Girl
8. No Face, No Name, No Number
9. Can't Let You Go
10. Part Time Lover
11. Time Is On My Side
12. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
13. Avec Toi '
14. I'm Not Guilty
15. Fight For The Right Love
16. Walking In The Rain Of Paris
17. Fly To The Moon
18. Love Is Forever
19. China In Her Eyes (feat. Eric Singleton)

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