Monday, April 10, 2017

SEDAN-Sedan (1985)


Well look what's just pulled up to "The Music Spectrum"—a rare funk/soul goodie from my 80's music collection! I'm so glad I still had this one and only album by the very-short-lived group that called itself SEDAN; otherwise, I may never have even thought to hear it again had I not been focused on organizing the 'S' entries within my library. This 37-minute joyride back in time to my favorite decade was a great way to get my Monday morning started, which kicks off with the opening dance cut, " Keep It Comin' ". A double meaning with this one, I must say; besides hearing them sing about liking the way the woman walks and talks and wanting more of it to keep on coming to them (the lead man going 'whoo!' gets me every time), the music itself is what you'll want to ' keep on comin ' to you as well. They happily oblige with the smooth follow-up, "You Ain't Got To Do Nothing", whose simple lyrics (primarily the chorus line 'just love me the way I love you') is so reminiscent of old-school soul and why these kinds of songs are such a charm. "Just Be My Lover" is one that warms you up in an instant; what attracts me here is the contrasting soulful vocals of the lead man with the smooth harmonizing of the backup crew delivering the title lyrics in the main chorus, which reminds me of the style portrayed by any of those signature legendary male vocal groups that were popular in the 70's. It took a while for "Security" to grow on me the first time I heard it, but something about the way the backup crew chimes in with the 'so sure, so sure' in the background eventually got to me and my music senses. It's back to the upbeat funk with the breezy feel-gooder, "All Night Affair"; I'm impressed here by the way the lead man's voice soars high every so often. Yet the big-time jams are slammed down on "Kraz-y 'Boutcha" (this one'll make you feel like dancing for sure, with the sound effects of the car's horn going 'beep beep!' and the breakdown where the backup crew responds with the 'where those babies at?' thrown in for fun kicks) and "Stick To Your Dream", where there's a positive lesson to be learned here about staying in school and striving to reach your goals. There's so much I like about the latter one: the baritone vocals of the guy chanting 'stick, stick to your dream' during the chorus break; the inclusion of the raps (' you think it's cool to drop out of school ' rings in my head now); the whirring, 'alien-like' synthesizing effects heard in the chorus beneath the rhythm; plus, the addition of the rock guitar riffs later to give the music some added spunk." That leaves the concluding cut, Snake Dancin' ". I'm thinking this jam refers to 'the snake', which was a short-lived but hugely-popular dance with easy moves and steps that I remember well from my childhood. Well you'll be doing a lot more than just 'the snake' once you hitch a ride in the back seat of this stylish SEDAN:

1. Keep It Comin'
2. You Ain't Got To Do Nothing
3. Just Be My Lover
4. Security
5. All Night Affair
6. Kraz-y 'Boutcha
7. Stick To Your Dream
8. Snake Dancin'

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