Monday, April 24, 2017

Shane Filan-Right Here (2015)


Me thinking about catching up on a lot of previously-heard artists—and just all things music gifted to me over the past few months altogether—reminded me that I've still got a ways to go to catch up completely with everything concerning the Irish boyband bunch that, up until three years ago, entertained the popular music world together as WESTLIFE. Since then, the boys have pursued individual interests, thought at least a couple of them have forged onward with new solo careers: Markus Feehily and, tonight's honorary guest here at "The Music Spectrum", Shane Filan. It was quite a while ago when I had my first crack at checking out the latter former WESTLIFE member's accomplishments—that being his 2013 debut, "You & Me"—and now I've finally gotten around to his follow-up effort released two years later. "Right Here" was actually right on time; after a long hard day of work and practically running myself into the ground, I was totally in the mood for something of the easy-listening variety, which I surmised as soon as this ten-track treat kicked off with the charming opener, "Me And The Moon". Charming is indeed the word I'd choose for many of these tender, short-and-sweet selections that Shane and his beautiful voice offer up for the rest of the way through. It was a pleasure hearing him paired up with the alluring strong chords of a Nadine Cole—not to mention the noticeably Irish instrumentals—of "I Could Be" and the soulful collective backing him up on the moving title track, which starts off soft and mellow before it all climaxes with a majestically epic finish! It sure sounds like there's someone singing alongside him on "I Can't Get Over You"—during the second and third pass of the main chorus. But whether it is or not, it serves as a terrific contrasting 'double voice' effect on this other moving song where the gripping guitar instrumental struck me first before his even more gripping words of 'did you love me at all?' touched me and my senses. It's all pure Shane everywhere else, and some of the purest moments are when it's just his voice and the minimal accompaniment of a instrumental companion—"Better Off A Fool" and the warming piano acoustics, for instance. Marvelous music moments spring up as well on the beautifully comforting guitar-driven piece, "Beautiful To Me" (I love how his voice just melts into the music here and how it rises on his deliveries of 'beautiful' in the chorus) and on the special pair where his voice is truly almighty and soul-liberating: "Your Love Carries Me" and "Effortlessly You". 'Just be, just be effortless you'—those words from this ninth track stuck to me somehow, and they're quite valid to use as my declaration that very little effort is needed on your part to enjoy this album:

1. Me And The Moon
2. I Could Be (Duet with Nadine Cole)
3. Right Here
4. Beautiful To Me
5. Your Love Carries Me
6. Better Off A Fool
7. Worst Kind Of Love
8. I Can't Get Over You
9. Effortlessly You
10. All My Love

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