Saturday, April 8, 2017



Looks like I have leaped all the way back to the awesome 80's again with my music listenings now (still thinking about that "Quantum Leap" soundtrack led me to write that), having yanked out another goodie from the 'S' entries of my collection. There was the old MIKE & THE MECHANICS song called "Silent Running"—"Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)", to be exact—and then there was the Irish pop/rock band called SILENT RUNNING. In fact, I can describe this band and its sound on this final studio album of theirs by answering the 'can you hear me?' question asked in the memorable chorus to that MIKE & THE MECHANICS classic: I can hear you all just fine! The dynamite, gritty vocals of lead singer Peter Gamble (I honestly think he had the heart and soul of a classic hair band rocker) and the extremely catchy and powerful hooks delivered on every song are what totally sell here! It's hard to believe I first heard my favorite jams almost a decade ago—the opening track, plus the monster ballad, "When Will I Learn?", "Flame Of Love", "Deliverance" and the closing monster ballad, "Something So Wrong"—but easy to see why I still adore them today. There was the HALL & OATES classic called "Everything Your Heart Desires" (which I love so very much) and this SILENT RUNNING recording that was a different song with completely original lyrics and one I had completely forgotten about. Seems I've found myself re-hooked on it again, thanks to the lively backup vocals chiming in with the repeated 'I wish you love' during the chorus. "Sunshine In The Rain" makes me think about a different song by the same title recorded by the Swedish pop group, BODIES WITHOUT ORGANS (or just 'BWO' for short); the romantic themes are pretty similar, with the hard rock guitars and Gamble's shouting of 'shine on me!' being the elements that set them apart. I really love the strong arrangement (no pun intended) on the engaging "Strength Of Our Love" and "Local Hero" while it's the poetic and earnest words of 'come on and hold me', 'safe in her wings just for one day' and ' won't you come on and hold me? ' being passionately delivered that I adore about the album's third power ballad, "Angel Of Mercy". SILENT RUNNING, these Irish guys called themselves? There must've been some sort of mistake, because whatever adrenaline Peter Gamble and company were running on in this last hurrah, they were doing it up loud, bold and big:

1. Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere
2. Everything Your Heart Desires
3. Angel Of Mercy
4. Strength Of Our Love
5. When Will I Learn?
6. Flame Of Love
7. Sunshine In The Rain
8. Local Hero
9. Deliverance
10. Something So Wrong

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