Thursday, April 6, 2017

*Various Artists-Music From The Television Series 'Quantum Leap' (1993)


Making the 'leap' from movie soundtracks to TV soundtracks with something else I needed to have in my music collection because of exactly one song. That would be "Somewhere In The Night", performed by actor Scott Bakula for the memorable 90's sci-fi series, "Quantum Leap". Except I myself have zero memories of watching that show as a kid. In fact, the only reason I was even aware of "Somewhere In The Night" was by pure accident. It was well into this New Millennium when I had been on a quest to get all of the songs I heard from my childhood, recalling a beautiful soft rock song where the words 'somewhere in the night' was sung by a male vocalist in the chorus. Thanks to this phenomenon called the Internet, I would eventually pinpoint that song I was searching as being "I Will Be Here For You", a hit by the renowned contemporary Christian music artist Michael W. Smith. But in the process, I'd also stumbled across Scott Bakula's "Somewhere In The Night" and, after just one listen to this equally mellow soft rock ballad, my ears and I fell in love with it. A warm and fuzzy sense of nostalgia—particularly about all of the other television shows from that decade I was so hooked on—fills me up every time I hear it now; it's gotta be that early-90's charm of the production at work here. Though up until I finally acquired this soundtrack, I had believed "Somewhere In The Night" to be the only song Scott Bakula ever performed. Turns out he also lent his vocal talents on a lovely rendition of the John Lennon classic, "Imagine", on Track #5. Didn't recognize it right away; in the first minute or so, I had that now-where-have-I-heard-this-before? feeling until the familiar words of ' you may say that I'm a dreamer ' made it all clear. Bakula is featured further on the rockabilly tune, "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" (I'm getting images of Elvis Presley's "Don't Be Cruel" here), the follow-up foot-pattin' jam, "Baby, Let's Play House" and the power rock ballad, "Fate's Wide Wheel", which I can see myself finding as much adoration for as "Somewhere In The Night". The pair of rockabilly songs must've been episode-exclusive tracks to fit the theme of each particular episode's story, and I believe that to also be true about the one called "Alphabet Rap", performed by a Dean Stockwell. Nostalgia filled me up once more with this "Alphabet Rap", taking me back to those years of the late 80's and early 90's when MC's rapped about all sorts of fun and educational stuff for kids. Of course, the instrumental music lover in me favors all of the non-vocal compositions here, primarily the captivating "Quantum Leap Main Title" score itself (I think I have that saved on a TV theme song compilation someplace) and the corresponding reprisal at the very end. Now all there's left for me to do, it would seem, is to take a leap of faith and jump back in time to relive the adventures of the actual show:

1. Mike Post & Velton Ray Bunch - Prologue (Saga Sell)
2. Mike Post - Quantum Leap Main Title
3. Scott Bakula - Somewhere In The Night
4. Velton Ray Bunch - Suite From 'The Leap Home Part 1'
5. Scott Bakula - Imagine
6. Velton Ray Bunch - Sam's Prayer
7. Scott Bakula - Blue Moon Of Kentucky
8. Scott Bakula - Baby, Let's Play House
9. Velton Ray Bunch - Shoot Out
10. Scott Bakula - Medley From 'Man Of La Mancha'
11. Velton Ray Bunch - Bite Me
12. Dean Stockwell - Alphabet Rap
13. Velton Ray Bunch - Suite From 'Lee Harvey Oswald'
14. Scott Bakula - Fate's Wide Wheel
15. Mark Banning Interviews Scott Bakula - A Conversation With Scott Bakula
16. Mike Post & Velton Ray Bunch - Quantum Leap Prologue And Main Title

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