Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Boris Gardiner-Everything To Me (1988)


I was prepared to continue on with my 90's throwback joyride when I decided to take a detour and make a pit stop back into my favorite decade. That is where we find the Jamaican singer, Boris Gardiner, and his lovely 1988 effort, "Everything To Me", which presently stands as the only from his career-long library that I have from him. What was originally a fulfilled music wish on my part has become another glorified "Music Spectrum" feature presentation, once I yielded to the temptation of filling my ears once again with the reggae sound and realizing how much I like this album! Besides that, it had been quite some time since I treated myself to something in the reggae category. Boris, from what I had determined during my first time through "Everything To Me", reminded me a lot like the man famous for performing the original theme song to the "Ghostbusters" movie: Ray Parker, Jr.; that has to be why I like this album so much! Silky, seductively and soulful—that's how I can describe Boris singing on every one of the ten tracks, particularly on the upbeat, bouncy tunes like "Next To You", "Cara Mia" "Falling In Love Again" (all three of those are my favorites! and "Make It Tonight" (you can feel the sunniness in the air all through this one), plus the beautiful slow gem, "I Want To Wake Up With You" (a fourth favorite). Listening all the way straight through just once simply doesn't do it justice, not when the accompanying colorful reggae rhythms and the jazzy instrumentals melt into your senses and take you to a happy place:

1. Wrong End Of The Rainbow
2. Next To You
3. Cara Mia
4. Jean
5. I Want To Wake Up With You
6. Falling In Love Again
7. All In My Dreams
8. Make It Tonight
9. You're Everything To Me
10. Last Night

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