Wednesday, May 10, 2017

DIGITAL ENERGY-Interemotion (2008)


Yeah, I sure could use a little 'digital energy' to give myself a musical boost! With my ears still craving the 80's sound, plus something of the synthpop variety and in the realm of dance music, a casual exploration of the electronic music catalog led me to discover this German duo who, according to my knowledge, released just this one album called "Interemotion". I'd started listening to it this past weekend, but starting over from scratch and listening all the way through without life's interruptions afforded me the complete enjoyment that I knew I would have upon taking in the opening ambient introductory piece, "Start Up", followed by the high-energy/Eurodancey follow-up called "Match", which is where I would immediately take note of the duo's dark, emotionless and monotonic vocal style reminiscent of DEPECHE MODE. Coincidentally, the electronic production and that emotionless vocal delivery do indeed make a perfect 'match'; each and every one of the songs charms and allures in its own special way. It was the soothing downtempo sound and getting into the head of the songwriter's dilemma that got me attached to "Doubting Heart". Then it was the hard, trancey bass line and the words expressing his invitation of taking the lady away from the pressures and pain and into a peaceful paradise that got me attached to "Resort". It took me a while to get used to the rather rough, almost angst-ridden vocal delivery and the uneven, unsettling arrangement of "Injustice", but it's a song whose strong subject matter is something I can truly relate to. "The Same Game": I knew from the title this one would be about the games of love and the fed-up songwriter no longer wanting to keep playing them; the pleasant, airy ambiance contrasts and belies the negativity of the lyrics nicely. What's really nice on the ears are the beautiful, slowed-down tunes: "Cure" (this is one I MUST add to my 'Ambient Chill-Out' playlist; the chords are super lovely and dreamy with the lyrics having a similarly warming ' I'll take you far away from here ' theme to that of "Resort"), "I'd Never Thought" (a rather haunting tune with a Gregorian chant/Gothic feel to it as he sings about doors being opened but not being able to see the light in the distance) and the instrumental-only "R3solve" (this one totally has that 80's movie soundtrack thing going on, and it's a perfect place for this German duo to show off the synthesizing and mixing skills) and ambient snippet "Compensation". Between the trance energy and the slowdown energy, there's a couple of tunes on the middle ground that sparked my senses just as much. "Deadened", which I at first misread it as 'dead end', definitely has some dark vibes ('I feel dead inside, I do not feel morning, nothing to hide.....'), but is a great listen nonetheless, especially when the music blossoms into a cool upbeat cut with a lot of different textures popping up within the arrangement. "The Love Inside" is, quite possibly, the one song on this album that has the brightest vibe and satisfies me the most. I'm a sucker for these with the sunny, lofty air about them and whose words of wistful longing of romantic togetherness leave you with a sense of comfort:

1. Start Up
2. Match Up
3. Doubting Heart
4. Resort
5. Injustice
6. The Same Game
7. R3solve
8. Cure
9. I'd Never Thought
10. Deadened
11. Compensation
12. Gone
13. The Love Inside
14. Interemotional
15. Emptiness

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