Monday, May 15, 2017

Faydee-Legendary [EP] (2016)


With all of the possible music legends from the older generation that I could've had keep me company in the final hour of my Tuesday night, I opted to reconnect with a young legend in the makings. At least, that's what the Australian singer who calls himself Faydee could become, especially if his music continues to be as great as it was when I first got acquainted with him on his debut album, "Never Saw Me Coming", and as entertaining as this recent five-track EP that was recently gifted to me to add to my pop collection. Sometimes it's just nice to make these brief music 'pit stops' every once in a while, even if they tend to be such teasers and leave me and my ears aching to hear something further. The opening title track is just what I needed to snap my senses back to the contemporary pop sound of today that I've been largely missing out on lately in favor of my usual guilty pleasures from decades ago. I love the beat and the sprucing up of music with the various electronic and vocal effects accompanying the music. Though Track #2's "Amari" is the one that captured my attention first with its elegantly fluid, Middle Eastern-style arrangement that makes me think about Indian Bhangra music; I wonder if this was inspired by Faydee's Lebanese roots? "If I Didn't Love You" shocked my senses because it's a glitzy dance cut that I wasn't expecting! I feel this could be that fun and breezy, summertime anthem of sorts because its simple, short and sweet. In fact, the words making up this song's title and the words completing the idea with the question, 'why do I stay around?', serve as the primary lyrics all the way through. And of course, I had immediate adoration for "Ya Linda" because of the whole Spanish flavor—everything from the title itself to the Spanish guitar-driven dance rhythm to Faydee's alternating between English and Spanish throughout. Yep—a quick sixteen-minute pit stop is what Faydee's "Legendary" EP turned out to be, but at least I can extend my stay for a while by catching up with all of the previous EP's of his I never managed to check out:

1. Legendary
2. Amari
3. If I Didn't Love You
4. Ya Linda
5. Jealous

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