Monday, May 29, 2017

KLYMAXX-One Day (1994)


I've featured them once, and now the ladies who had the 80's hits "I'd Still Say Yes", "I Miss You" and "Sexy" (I had to treat myself to that wonderful throwback after thinking about it too much!) are back for one more day here at "The Music Spectrum". The funky, divalicious KLYMAXX crew made it to 1994 with this sixth and final studio album, which I'd like to share while my mind and ears are still very much embedded in the old school, new jack swing sounds of the mid-90's. Funky is right—they establish that loud and clear with the opening title track, where they boldly proclaim that there'll be some day when they won't love the man back and won't need him for anything at all; the catchy part is hearing the male DJ throughout busting through with his announcements of 'hear the drama, get wicked!'. "Code Bleu" is one of those typically 90's house-party jams that's got that distinctive synthesized siren wailing and record-scratching thing going on. I like the theme of this song—a lady in need of some sexual healing and wanting her man, the doctor, to report to the operating room, as the one rapping offers up during the fresh rap break. That same magical, dreamy ballad production that I loved so much and still remember well about "I'd Still Say Yes" and "I Miss You" is first present on "All I Think About You", then arises again with the subsequent "Every Heart Needs Love" (such a sunny song, this one is, with its beautiful calypso beat beneath the groove words that fill you up with gladness: 'every star needs a fan, every one is a jewel and precious pearl'.....) and "Here It Come From You" (they demand that the real truth be told on this touching piece). Showing off some of that divalicious KLYMAXX attitude is the fifth track, "4 The Ole Dawg N U". I like how the lead lady talks about all of the different kinds of dogs all throughout, particularly the part where she says 'woof woof', in reference to how some 'dawgs' make her wanna howl and sing. And it's just the KLYMAXX style to do a sultry remake of the Chaka Khan classic, "Ain't Nobody"; that had been a 'Music Surprise Of The Day' moment for me the first time I heard them delivering the memorable words from the chorus that goes ' ain't nobody, loves me better, makes me happy, makes me feel this way '. The forever jazz music lover in me must give mention to the two-minute instrumental piece, the "Klymaxx Supper Club" interlude. Nothing but the sounds of the elegant piano and the trumpets set the ultra-chilled, nighttime mood here; someone's definitely showing off some cool skills here! Then ending "One Day" on fine note (quite literally, in fact!) is the acoustic piano piece, "Once Before You Go", whose title seemed to have been directed to the listener as a personal message, as if to say 'here's one more selection just for you before you turn off the record'. The preceding jazzy instrumental would have led into this one nicely, but it's impressive on the ears regardless of the track order:

1. One Day
2. Code Bleu
3. All I Think About Is You
4. Every Heart Needs Love
5. 4 The Ole Dawg N U
6. Dear John
7. This Doesn't Feel Like Love Anymore
8. This Time
9. Ain't Nobody
10. The Night Moves
11. Hear It Come From You
12. Not Gonna Stop Lovin' You
13. Klymaxx Supper Club (Interlude)
14. All I Think (Reprise)
15. Once Before You Go

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