Saturday, May 20, 2017

LAISSEZ FAIRE-Hands Off (1992)


A policy or attitude of letting things take their own course without interfering; letting people do as they choose—so is the formal and informal definition of a new French phrase I have added to my vocabulary: 'laissez faire'. That's because, in my desire to check out some new tunes on Latin Freestyle front, I encountered this lovely lady trio that went by the same name in the early 90's. "Hands Off"—the title to their one and only album totally fits the 'I got my own attitude' theme, and it further suits the fact that Freestyle dance lovers just may not want to keep their 'hands off' of this album after the music has been heard! It's that signature Freestyle combination of the light vocals, bubblegum sweet lyrics and bombastic beats that allures the ears on jams like the opening track, "To Be In Your Arms" ('I would cross any old mountain, any old river' are the words they sing), "You Hold The Key" (the trio's collective vocals are very strong here, confessing ' we'll never be happy ' as long as the key to their heart isn't being turned), "In Paradise" ('you are the sun, I am the sky'—simple and charming) and " After The Lovin' ", which became an instant favorite the moment the cooled, breezy ambiance of the song's chords blew into my ears. The ladies slide away from the traditional Freestyle for a spell when they perform Track #2's "Tuesday's Gone" (a song that kinda drifts along with the chilled, downtempo groove seeming to personify the emptiness felt in the lyrics), the easy-listening piece, "With Every Heartbeat" and the unexpected thrill that is "Round & Round", whose groovy house rhythm and catchy chorus of 'got me moving, round and round and up and down' are responsible for it having become a new addiction! You even get some extra ear candy with the 6+ minute club mixes that make up the three final tracks. So go ahead and grab hold of the goodies and let these ladies who say 'hands off' turn you on:

1. To Be In Your Arms
2. Tuesday's Gone
3. You Hold The Key
4. After The Lovin'
5. In Paradise
6. Swept Away
7. Round & Round
8. With Every Heartbeat
9. Swept Away (Club Mix)
10. To Be In Your Arms (Club Mix)
11. In Paradise (Club Mix)

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