Thursday, May 18, 2017

Marti Jones-Any Kind Of Lie (1990)


Continuing the streak of fulfilled wishes with this second Marti Jones album from my easy-listening music catalog. Can't say for certain if I like this one more than her 1986 effort, "Match Game", but there's certainly a bunch of tunes here that I can honestly deem as my personal favorites! The first in that batch would be the title track itself. The words 'any kind of lie' had already intrigued me, leading me to wonder what kind of lies she would be referring to. It's the warming flow and the bouncy, distinctive calypso arrangement that pulled me in to this song before I got latched on to what Marti says about any kind of lie being worth repeating. "Second Choice" appeals because it humbly skips along as her lofty, delicate voice breaths through the light acoustics and the lovely piano/clarinet accompaniment, which gives the music its jazzy swing. I like the idea here&mash;her just wanting to be put first in the man's life, but only ends up coming in second place. And some of the most memorable, down-to-earth lyrics are on this song, too: 'a simple life is all I need, two shots of fantasy and one of make believe'. "Cliché": A funny coincidence that I get to talk about a song at whose title reflects a separate project study I've been making about clichés in various sectors of the entertainment industry in recent weeks. The ' cliché ' here, Marti offers, is her loneliness without the man in her life, the sad words being put to a mellow, slowed-down acoustic guitar rhythm. That catchy 80's-style pop/rock that always makes for a simple 'n sweet guilty pleasure arises on "Is This The Game?" ('teach me the rules to win back your love', she commands) and "It's A Crime". Then there's the pair that I adore simply because of the overall sound: "One Shade Darker" (its the sad, bluesy flow, accented by the accordion and the 'whoa-oh' voiced by the unified backup singers throughout, that does it for me) and "Read My Heart" (her soaring voice in the delivery of 'please read my heart' in the chorus touches and moves me in a certain way). But really, any song on this album—including those that I've neglected to review more in-depth, such as the intimate acoustic piece, "Old Friend", and the edgy, intense jam, "My Tears Are Poison"—is praiseworthy, and that's no lie:

1. Living Inside The Wind
2. I've Got Second Sight
3. Any Kind Of Lie
4. Second Choice
5. Cliché
6. My Tears Are Poison
7. Read My Heart
8. Is This The Game?
9. One Shade Darker
10. It's A Crime
11. Old Friend

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Days of Broken Arrows said...

Cool to see these Marti Jones albums. Her first solo release, "Unsophisticated Time," has never come out on CD. I did a very clean vinyl rip from my blog a few years ago. It's still out there for anyone interested: