Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Marti Jones-Match Game (1986)


There was the long time-running American game show called "Match Game", which ran in its original format from the late 60's to the mid-70's, and then there was this music album called "Match Game", which was released back in the 80's by the folk rock singer, Marti Jones. A delightful voice put to music from my favorite decade for all things music—a perfect match for me indeed! Quite naturally, then, this is something form my collection this very much worth sharing. There's just so many songs here that just make me feel good, the first being the opener, "We're Doing Alright", a song where Marti confesses that there's no more heartache—simply two lovers back on the right track. "Whenever You're On My Mind" charms with its bouncy rhythm and warming lyrics, particularly the chorus, which is really something sweet to hum along to. And there's the concluding piece, "Soul Love", which I because of the whole arrangement—the jazzing up by the saxophone, the guitar, the slight funk and the stylistic, uneven rhythm. I'm always a big sucker for 80's tunes with catchy hooks, and that why it's so easy to love "Chance Of A Lifetime" (if the sweet story Marti tells on this one doesn't charm you, then the way she goes 'come on, come on, come on, come on over' before the chorus will entice) and "It's Too Late" (a fun song, despite the negative theme of the guy telling her all of the sweet nothings he should've told her in the first place). Between the feelgood delights and catchy chorus lines, however, there's a haunting side to Marti that allures the senses and deserves the listener's full attention. "Just A Memory" draws you in with its elegant orchestral overture before the soft rock and her mellowed, toned-down vocals sweep in, her words about memories not meaning so much taking you to a rather gloomy place in her thoughts. Seems like the song is over way too soon, just as you're getting all nice and relaxed and into the music, which is why I recommend playing it twice in succession. "Touch Tone" has a cool yet unsettling feel from start to finish, given its long instrumental movements and the tiny bit of synthesizing seeming to represent the dial tone of a telephone. It's a terrific way to present this song about Marti waiting for that one call, yet never receiving it; the fade out towards the end even has the lasting effect of leaving you hanging and wondering if the guy will ever dial her number. "Foolish Lies" has an even more suspenseful edge to it (you can really hear the more alternative rock side of Marti here), and so does "Crusher", whose graceful, musical flow, accented by the accordion, contrasts with everything she has to say about things in life, particularly the rough side of love, that just quite literally can crush the heart:

1. We'e Doing Alright
2. Chance Of A Lifetime
3. Be Myself Again
4. Just A Memory
5. Touch Tone
6. Foolish Lies
7. Inside These Arms
8. Whenever You're On My Mind
9. Crusher
10. It's Too Late
11. Soon I Will Be Gone
12. Soul Love

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