Tuesday, May 16, 2017

MC Latina-Get To You (1993)


Old-school hip-hop lovers will love listening to this lovely Latina! "Get Into You" is quite the unique music experience in that takes the sassy, street-smart, Spanglish rap skills of this sassy, street-smart MC and puts them to a diverse assortment of cool, bombastic beats! It's like an instant flashback to the new jack swing era of the early 90's the moment you take in the opener, "Let Me Get With You", which had already became a favorite of mine the first time I listened to it. The funny story here is that the guy wants to hook up with her, but she wants nothing to do with him, backing that up with such witty statements as ' like En Vogue, no, you're never gonna get it ' (that's like the best line of the song!), 'hell, no!', 'tired of the same ole same', 'no puedes estar conmigo' (' you can't be with me ') and '¿estás loco?' ('are you crazy?'). You get a couple of versions: the Spanglish 'Latino' recording opening the album, then the pure English version at the very end. Between the two bookend tracks are a couple of other funny tracks: the fast-tempo drum n' bass jam, "Your Boyfriend's A Freak" (this one totally reminds me of that "Tootise Roll" hit, also from the early 90's), and "Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend" ('boom! I got your boyfriend, I got your man', she declares boldly all throughout), which gets the extra coolness factor due to its sampling of the late Michael Jackson's signature 'whoo!' and 'gone girl!, the latter being heard prominently on his hit, "The Way You Make Me Feel". Here's a real sweet treat: "Baby Love". The hard, r&b rhythm and the dreamy chords of the backing music set this one up so nicely, and although the MC is still rapping and rhyming, it's the soulful vocals of the guest female singer delivering the chorus ('I will be forever true' is the line I keep remembering) that really make this one stand out! The other cuts I like simply because they make me feel like dancing: "It's My Thing", "Pump It" (some nifty record-scratching on this one), "Dance To The Music" and the pair of house-party jams called "Get On The Dance Floor" and "Let's Go". The album's title basically sums it all up: the music will indeed get to you!

1. Let Me Get You With You (Latino)
2. Your Boyfriend's A Freak
3. Baby Love
4. It's My Thing
5. Get On The Dance Floor
6. Dance To The Music
7. Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend
8. Pump It
9. Let's Go
10. Let Me Get With You

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