Tuesday, May 23, 2017

NEXXUS-Pictures In My Mind (1994)


Nowadays, a week of music indulgence for me wouldn't seem quite complete if I didn't make at least one return trip back to the Filipino OPM music circuit. I've been hanging around there with an uncanny regularity over the past few months, and the constant time spent there discovering new talents has led me to the all-male group that calls itself NEXXUS. An artist with the name 'NEXXUS' totally deserves getting some of the "Music Spectrum" spotlight, considering that my current e-mail handle, as well as the former incarnation of my blog, were originally inspired by this very word (minus the extra 'X', of course), which first came to my attention due to me watching the classic 90's sci-fi film starring Patrick Stewart and William Shatner entitled "Starr Trek: Generations". What drew me to this group in the first place was a marvelous song I heard on an OPM soft rock/love song playlist. While that particular song in question isn't present here on their debut album, the dazzling songs that are more than make up for its absence! The opening title track is such a beautiful listen—another one of those soft-rock-radio-perfect offerings that just melts into your senses. 'I dream of you when I believe it will be just you and me': some of my favorite words from the lyrics, enhanced and enriched by their collectively smooth voices. I'd already pictured in my own mind that I would listen to all of the English tracks first, so the net song to pleasure me was "I'll Never Go". Soft rock radio perfect is this powerful and moving ballad also, highlighted by their dynamite vocals in the chorus Powerful vocals in the chorus with the words of ' I'll never go far away from you ' leaving lasting impressions. "How Can I Forget You?": This one immediate charmed me with the smooth groove and the tender voice of the lead guy during the initial movement. The chorus here is excellent, too; I like how lead guy and his backup echo the 'how can I?' back and forth. Then there's "Don't Give Up For Love", a pleasantly warming slow piece where the guys mellow all the way down as their collective voices, lofty as they are, offering that 'there is a better place to be'. Before I dipped in to the Tagalog-language tracks, I knew there would be at least a few good tunes that I wished I understood the lyrics to; didn't take long for that prediction to be proven true! "Tagumpay", a lively rock-spirited jam, sparked me with its catchy chorus (mostly their lively vocals chanting 'Tagumpay') and the bangin' drum beat/rock guitar riff combo. "Kung Ako'y Uuwi" became the second, thanks to the brilliant keyboard display and the sweeping ambiance serving as the backdrop to their powerful voices in the chorus. Then after the satisfactory listens of "Kaibigan Mo" and "Pangarap Ko", my senses would be sparked once more with the concluding piece, "Walang Hanggan", which first delights with its bouncy, semi-reggae groove, followed by the shimmery calypso instrumental break midway and the 'hand clap' beat that takes the song to its round-of-an-applause of an ending:

1. Pictures In My Mind
2. I'll Never Go
3. Tagumpay
4. Kung Ako'y Uuwi
5. Sa'yo Lamang
6. Kaibigan Mo
7. How Can I Forget You?
8. Pangarap Ko
9. Don't Give Up For Love
10. Walang Hanggan

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