Wednesday, May 31, 2017

POPSIE-Popsie (1998)


Gotta have my Swedish pop! Just as much as I like keeping the boybands of the 90's alive, I love keeping the girl groups from that same era alive as well! So I'm showing some love for this short-lived foursome that called itself POPSIE—a name that totally suits them—and their first and only album, which is an exhilarating forty-five minute thrill ride! They come at your first with the explosive jam of an opener called "Single", where there's a bit of angst hanging on every flaming word as they wonder why, even after all of the mixing and mingling and chasing after the boys, that they're still alone and available for the taking? I had to laugh the first couple of times I heard the one girl screaming 'still single!' to the top of her lungs—yep, she's angry alright. "Single" is then followed-up by the equally-explosive "The Way We Live"; I cite this as the group's in-your-face girl anthem, where they boast that they got it going on and nothing can go wrong. But there are some dynamite bombs that blew me away even more! "Funky" is all about the bombastic beat, plus the snazzy accompanying electronic voice effects and the chilled, suspenseful ambiance behind it all. "I'm Not Your Property" (oooh, I like the attitude of this title!) is back to their brash n' bold and in-your-face style with a touch of hip-hop flavor to it and features one of the best lines on this whole album: ' boys like you I have to disregard, I'm not in love with your credit card. There's also the catchy wads of sweet bubblegum that are "Love Technology" (I'd halfway expected something with a very electronic/techno charge to it, but it's love itself that is the technology the girls speak about here) and "Joyful Life" (a very sunny, upbeat number whose repetitive sing-along of 'na na na na na, yay-e-yeah' delivered in chorus becomes addicting before long). Yet the best of all the 'wow' moments has to be all of the high-energy, mega-groovy Eurodisco jams, starting with "Rough Enough" (the 'da da da da, e-yeah-e-yeah' of the chorus makes it just as much of an addictive sing-along as "Joyful Life"), and ending with the trio of "Latin Lover" (one of the group's most recognizable hits is also a hit with me, of course, given the Spanish flavor and the addicting 'La-la-la-latino lover' that's sung over and over), "Dump The Zero (Get A Hero)" (this one emerged as my #1; loved the title and the tempered attitude put into the words, particularly during the chorus) and "Year 2000" (I suppose there were a lot of artists who wanted to enjoy a pre-celebration of the upcoming Y2K/New Millennium; these POPSIE girls do theirs in festively fabulous fashion!). Disco dance thrills surely make for some exciting ear candy, but even the slowed-down cuts sprinkled throughout this album are something to admire and adore. "24Seven" is the first slow jam whose title had already indicated a tender love song of sorts. I love their collectively caressing voices as they confess their deepest and most intimate thoughts in song. Something about way they sing 'you bring me such delightt' makes you glow. "Coffee Kisses" is an intriguing song where they compare coffee without cream to being a morning caffeine rush without the sweet kisses—a breezy and sensual tune that also makes you glow. And the emotional, mellow treat that is "Sea Of Tears" is well-produced ad well-performed all around—from the gloomy ambiance behind the slow beat setting the mood to the half-spoken rap style of the verses to the seamless flow of the words to the chorus. I had my full servings of Swedish pop here..... and I ate it all up too!

1. Single
2. The Way We Live
3. Joyful Life
4. Rough Enough
5. Funky
6. 24Seven
7. Coffee Kisses
8. Love Technology
9. I'm Not Your Property
10. Sea Of Tears
11. Latin Lover
12. Dump The Zero (Get A Hero)
13. Year 2000

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