Sunday, May 21, 2017

REMEDY-Remedy (1993)


I knew I wanted to hang around the 90's old school music block after my joyride with THE UP BEAT BOYS, but I couldn't quite make up my mind exactly who was gonna be next to entertain my ears. That's when a quick scan of an old list of recommendations alerted me to this other short-lived r&b group that I'd never gotten around to checking out. They called themselves REMEDY, and their self-titled album was indeed the 'remedy' for my little dilemma! It's just the little things that matter the most—that's the primary message being pushed across to anybody listening in on the fine opener, "Tiniest Grain Of Sand". Not long after that do they hit you with the slow jams, the first being "I Am Of Color" while the second, "We Can Spend Some Time Together", gets nominated for the second 'Slow Jam Of The Night' award, thanks to its dazzling, quiet storm radio-perfect groove and the trio's lush, collective voices tenderly singing 'will you please me min?' and other darling words in romantic earnest. They bounce back with the bangin' beats on "What The Morning Could Bring", a charming song that deals with exploring the possibilities of love. I knew this one would be charming from the very beginning; it was all in the breezy ambiance of opening chords and the warming glow of the sunny chorus (especially their lovely acapella delivery before the final movement). "Closer", the album's third slow jam, continues the sunny afterglow; I get that 'morning sunrise/dawn of a new day' feeling here all throughout, and the trio's terrific harmony is so refreshing. Vibrant jams like "Slip Slide Lover" and "Shake It Till It's Ripe" (you know a song with this kind of title can only mean that a funky dance party will erupt and the music will make you feel like shaking some things for real!) show the guys just letting it loose and having fun while the contrasting low-key vibes of "Relax Your Mind" create an ideal backdrop for a song about finding a way to make things right (that thought taken directly from my favorite line of the chorus). That starry, quiet storm radio-perfect quality that always makes for such moving songs is present again on "All I Ask". Then there's one that stands out to me because of the how their voices become high and lofty: "If I Only Knew Then". Some sad undertones on this song of regret, as it's declared the man and woman would be together if things were different, despite the heavenly pleasantness the music has on the ears. And I expected nothing less than a stunning vocal performance on the final cut, "Let's Hold On To What We Got". Sounds as if it's being performed with a guest female vocalist, whose powerful chords are every match for this fine trio; the sweet sounds of the jazzy saxophone midway through gives it extra points in my book. I can say that I'm all cured up now from that momentary indecisiveness I experienced at the outset; it's my turn to treat whatever music blues are being spread around by sharing this throwback REMEDY with you:

1. Tiniest Grain Of Sand
2. I Am Of Color
3. We Can Spend Some Time Together
4. What The Morning Could Bring
5. Closer
6. Slip Slide Lover
7. All I Ask
8. Relax Your Mind
9. If I Only Knew Then
10. Shake It Till It's Ripe
11. Let's Hold On To What We Got

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Russ said...

"Let's Hold On To What We Got" is a duet with DeeDee Magno of the group The Party. The song was also on their album "The Party's Over, Thanks For Coming". If you're not familiar, The Party were 5 teens put together by Disney. All 5 were members of the New Mickey Mouse Club. Their first single came out in 1990 called "Summer Vacation". Their biggest hit was a cover of the Dokken song "In My Dreams". If you're interested I have all of their albums and singles.