Friday, May 5, 2017

S CLUB 7-Sunshine (2001)


In celebration of the sun finally coming back out after so many consecutive days of rain here in my part of the world (for more than a good week, in fact!), I thought I'd put some extra sunshine into my day—and perhaps yours as well—with this album by the same name, another golden goodie I've revived from the pop music catalog. This British seven-piece ensemble was the creative brainchild of reality music show icon Brian Fuller (of "American Idol" and "Pop Idol" fame; not to be confused with "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell), and their memorable hit that would get stuck in my brain the first time I heard it via the satellite radio channels is "Never Had A Dream Come True". This is just one of those perfect, ear-enriching ballads that you immediately fall in love with, one that sounds like it was made to be a hit on a televised singing competition as well as destined to be hugely successful in the popular music mainstream. Although as beautiful and lush of a ballad—and a radio staple—that "Never Had A Dream Come True" is, there's another ballad on this final album of S CLUB 7's that I probably adore more: "Have You Ever?". I'm a sucker for these strong, emotional ballad types, which is what "Have You Ever?" blossoms into with the girls in the group taking the reins on this one. I'm also a sucker for those songs that have a warming, sunny feel to them; that's what I find appealing by both the thematically appropriate title track and "Summertime Feeling", the latter whose breezy, fluid rhythm makes it something I could coast along to all day long, even humming the catchy 'ha ha, oh yeah' that the S CLUB crew chimes in with repeatedly in the background all throughout. And I'm a BIG-TIME sucker for anything and everything designed for the dance floor! You already know what's in store when you read titles like " Don't Stop Movin' " and "Dance Dance Dance". The opener's got a funky pop/r&b thing with a disco-groovy twist happening while a cool digitized voice announces ' don't stop movin' to the S CLUB beat ' (so glad it was given the high-energy boost with the 'Jewels & Stone' remix at the end!) while Track #8 nearly mimics that productive approach with an even groovier disco rhythm and their dance-provoking words of 'move your body left to right' and 'dance all night'. Completing the disco-groovy dance trio is "Stronger", which I actually think trumps the other two but will leave that up to your ears to judge! I get that stage theatrical, showgirl/showboy vibe on the peppy, retro-pop bubblegum pleasures that are "You" and "It's Alright". Then for some good pop/r&b bounce that's more reminiscent of the late 90's and early 2000's, there's "Boy Like You" (a girl's night out jam), "Right Guy" (a guy's night out jam), "I Will Find You" (one for the girls and the boys) and "Good Times", which should all give you and your ears plenty of exactly that:

1. Don't Stop Movin'
2. Show Me Your Colours
3. You
4. Have You Ever?
5. Good Times
6. Boy Like You
7. Sunshine
8. Dance Dance Dance
9. It's Alright
10. Stronger
11. Right Guy
12. Summertime Feeling
13. I Will Find You
14. Never Had A Dream Come True
15. Don't Stop Movin' (Jewels & Stone Radio Mix)

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