Saturday, June 24, 2017

BIG BROTHER-The Big Brother (1991)


No, this is not the reality TV series I'm about to rave about; rather 'The Big Brother' is just the stage name of a Giancarlo Pasquini whom I've newly gotten acquainted with. My second night of Italo-disco.....and it was a real adrenaline rush! Energetic dance rhythms, catchy hooks and stunning vocals—makes every song from one through nine an entertaining affair! "Don't Go Breaking My Heart": it''s a familiar title from somewhere in the popular music catalog. Forget who sung the original, but the words are entirely different from what I recall, leading me to believe that this 'Big Brother' version is a different song altogether. That's a-okay, because it's still terrific music to jam to! "Big Time": the title suits it; big time beats on this energized thriller! "Oh Oh Oh Girls Are Dancing" is where he shows off a bit of his wild and crazy side with the 'yowwwwwwwwww!' screeched in the intro and all throughout. "Knock On Wood": aha, another familiar title from the popular music catalog. A cover of the Annita Ward disco classic? Well not exactly; the arrangement (particularly the horns and the chords) are virtually the same, but again, the words have been altered. Besides that, it sounds a little odd hearing a guy leading the way (his Italian accent whenever he sings the title lyrics take some getting used to, in fact), but somehow, the song becomes super catchy before long. "L.A. Time": I like the glitzy, synthesized accompaniment to the groovy bass line of rhythm. It has this very 80's action TV show theme song kick to it that draws me in here. "Rock And Roll" is one that will indeed 'rock' the senses; you can't help but to be hooked whenever he makes like a metal rocker and screams 'I feel rock and roll'. I could hear him chanting 'red red fire!' long after listening to the eighth track; just hearing that alone gets me pumped! And you'll get to hear all of these great high-energy jams a second time when you tune in to the 11+ minute megamix medley. But following that treat is this album's lone slow song that is a treat all in itself: "Tears On My Eyes". You get the sense that it will turn into one of those soft rock radio-perfect tunes with the extended instrumental opening.....and it does eventually evolve into exactly that:

1. Wild Reputation
2. Don't Go Breaking My Heart
3. Big Time
4. Oh Oh Oh Girls Are Dancing
5. Knock On Wood
6. L.A. Time
7. Rock And Roll
8. Red Fire
9. The Big Brother Megamix Medley
10. Tears On My Eyes

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