Tuesday, June 27, 2017

BOYS WILL BE BOYS-Boys Will Be Boys (1992)


And now make that three personal music wishes fulfilled in a row! This is a little treat for myself—and for my Filipino fans out there as well, I'd imagine—that I first saw in a Filipino music catalog while browsing around for other boybands from the 90's whom my ears and I hadn't encountered yet. Somehow, BOYS WILL BE BOYS sounds like a boyband group name that I would've encountered eventually. Today is actually the second time I've listened to their self-titled debut all the way through; the first time was via a Filipino music channel on Youtube. So there was some familiarity already present once I started replaying these nine songs . Once again. I went for all of the Tagalog language tracks first. And also once again, I soooooooooo wished my understanding of this Asian tongue was much better, because every one of the songs is a delightful listen in its own way! One of these days..... Wishful thinking began with the upbeat opener, "Kahit Kunwari Lang", where the boys' collective beautiful voices and smooth backing harmony had initially impressed me. I get that nostalgic, magical radio feel of the 80's again with the follow up, "Nais Ko Mang Limutin" (something so uplifting about the sunny chorus on this one), plus with "Lampas Langit". A dramatic shift in musical arrangement featured on "Patay Mali" (hmm.....I know that 'Mali' is a West African country; now I know that it is also a Tagalog word!), which takes a very sensual, jazzy swing approach and comes off as having a very dreamy, theatrical presentation to it. Looked up the literal translation of the title: 'dead wrong'. The music is good, but the title possibly indicates something not so good? "Sige Ng Sige" makes for a great house-groovy dance track; a fitting arrangement choice for a song whose title translates to 'Go Ahead'. In addition to the opener, I also favored "Mahalaga Ka Sa Akin". There's a very 90's house jump to the beat, and I get the most kicks out of the beautiful chorus, which becomes a permanent fix on me before long! Partway through the song, I was like, 'OK, so now I REALLY need to improve upon my Tagalog!'. As for the English tracks: I would definitely add both the warming ballad, "Open Your Heart" (quite the mature effort by these boys; so gentlemanly they sound here), and the even more warming "How Do I Tell You?" (again, that magical 80's radio sound fills me up here) to an easy-listening compilation; in fact, this pair makes listening to this album worth the time for English speakers. I would be a bit fooled, however, by the title to the concluding cut, "Ooh Wow". Only the title itself is sung in English, but the singing of the title does make for the best part of the chorus when the boys go 'ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, wow' in sync with the bouncy beat:

1. Kahit Kunwari Lang
2. Nais Ko Mang Limutin
3. Open Your Heart
4. Sige Ng Sige
5. Lampas Langit
6. How Do I Tell You?
7. Patay Mali
8. Mahalaga Ka Sa Akin
9. Ooh Wow

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