Sunday, June 18, 2017

Calvin Harris-Ready For The Weekend (2009)


I had such a blast with my first Calvin Harris electro-disco ride a couple days ago that it was inevitable that I'd be enjoying another in short time! That's precisely what I did on this early Sunday afternoon, taking nearly an hour of my time to indulge in the Scottish producer's second effort, which contained everything that I loved about the first! Except this time, he invites a few guest artists to sing alongside him on select tracks, On the title track, where there's a sunny perk to the dancey piano beat, a soulicious female diva is delivering the words of ' I'm gonna find shoes and I'm ready for the weekend ' in the bombastic chorus. In contrast to that, there's the angelic, lofty voice of another female singer delivering the chorus on "Flashback". Then it's a complete change-up in the lineup altogether when a couple of MC's are asked to lay down the seamless rap flow on both "Dance Wiv Me" (that 'wiv' is not a typo; it appears exactly as that on the back cover artwork and is presumably Calvin's stylistic way of saying 'with') and "Worst Day". Ironically, that latter one—"Worst Day"—turns out to be one of the best jams on this album! So much going on with the arrangement here—from the light guitar to the rapid drum n' bass/electronic dance rhythm to the semi-robotic voicing of 'this must be the worst day of my life', which precedes Calvin's humorous confessions about all of the mistakes he made with romancing and sleeping with the woman in the very beginning of the song. I like it whenever the jams get disco-groovy with the funky synthesized glitz igniting my audio senses; that's where "Stars Come Out", "Relax" and "Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La" (there's that comedic quirkiness side of him again; it gives his songs character and makes them fun to tune in to) all come into play. There's a couple that will surely appeal to the instrumental/ambient music fans:: "Burns Night", then the concluding piece, "5iliconeator" (not a typo here either; I presume the '5' is Calvin's stylistic use of the letter 'S'), which has a rather eerie, unsettling vibe about it that I personally find appealing. My ultimate #1 favorite, however, is one that isn't technically disco-groovy, but rather something closer to the realm of full-on trance: "You Used To Hold Me". Something in both the tonality of the chords and Calvin's vocals delivering the title lyrics sticks to me; either that, or it's simply another case of the sad love song—as quirky as it may be—that always charms me:

1. The Rain
2. Ready For The Weekend
3. Stars Come Out
4. You Used To Hold Me
5. Blue
6. I'm Not Alone
7. Flashback
8. Worst Day (Feat. Izza Kizza)
9. Relax
10. Limits
11. Burns Night
12. Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La
13. Dance Wiv Me (Feat. Dizzee Rascal)
14. 5iliconeator

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