Wednesday, June 7, 2017

D-NIGHT - Let It Go (1998)


Just a little something that I dug out of the 90's catalog to satisfy my Europop fix, and with it, I breached brand new cultural music horizons once again! The Slovakian group that called D-NIGHT released only this one album, but as I've learned in my lifetime of music-listening, it is often an artist's lone album that spawns some new music addiction in me! This time, it's the sixth track simply called"Why?", and it's all because of the groovy Europop rhythm and the glitzy, synthesized arrangement that accompanies it—absolute ear candy! I was actually hooked even before the first words of the group's MC guy begins laying down the slick rap, which itself is something cool to like here (I like the part when he halfway begins singing the alphabet: 'A-B-C-D....') and long before the lady of the group delivers the feel-good chorus in her distinctively thick, Eastern European accent. Got equally addicted to a couple of unexpected treats. One was the instrumental-only Euro-house rave groove that is "Popcorn"; now here is something else nice to include on my expanding 'Ambient Chill-Out' mix. Then the other became my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day', D-NIGHT's Europop remake of the JOHN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS classic, "I Love Rock 'N Roll". Always fun times when these 80's golden oldies are revived by a new artist! Glad they kept the signature screaming rock guitar riffs and that signature 'yeow!' that Joan Jett screeched after every pass of the memorable chorus, though it's done here by one of the guys in a rather distorted voice that almost sounds comical, in fact. It's a classic Euro-house/Europop affair in that male MC/female vocalist style that ruled the 90's on such jams as the bouncy, reggae-inspired opener, "Feel The Rhythm" (I like the way the lead girl says 'REE-thum' in her Slovakian accent) and the thrilling concluding cut, "Sex With You" (the way she goes 'hey batta' and 'that's right, everything is alright, right?' are the catchiest parts of the whole song). "About Family" has a catchy chorus, too: 'no, I love my mama, no, I love my papa, no I love by sister, no I love my brother'—all about the family indeed. And in that spirit of making sure every good Europop album has that one great, moving slow song to balance things out, there's the beautiful piece "My Last Hope", which I'd say is the place where the lead girl's vocals—sharp, high-soaring and gritty—are at their strongest:

1. Feel The Rhythm (Radio Mix)
2. I Love Rock 'N Roll '98
3. Reach
4. Let It Go
5. Popcorn '98
6. Why?
7. V.I.N.Y.L.
8. My Last Hope
9. About Family
10. Sex With You

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