Friday, June 16, 2017

Daniel Wang-Idealism (2005)


My Eurodance music explorations often lead to me indulging in some techno and trance music, or anything else within the electronic dance music genre. That's what happened last night, when I would get acquainted with the sublime mixing and production talents of a Daniel Wang on his first full-length studio project entitled "Idealism". Ideally, I would have electronic music—of any shape or form—playing in the background while engaged in my day-to-day household activities, but I also enjoy having electronic music arrangements playing directly into my ears via a nice set of headphones every once in a while. Actually, my trip into Wang's word of "Idealism" comes right on time, seeing as my mind has been wrapped up in reruns of various "Star Trek" episodes and playing sci-fi-themed adventure games lately; the twelve tracks here all do have a very spacey, cosmic feel. But the true allure and the attraction here, however, is that there's a funky, synthpop-groovy dance element infused into each one. "Let's Go To Mars" warps you right away to a different dimension; it's not long before you'll become addicted to the ultra-catchy beat and the robotic vocals putting you into a hypnotic state. At 8+ minutes long, it's the perfect work (or workout) soundtrack, and I'd already declared it as something cool to add to my 'Ambient Chill-Out Mix' playlist before I even heard anything else! That notion wouldn't stay up, however, because I would realize that every track thereafter was 'Ambient Chill-Out Mix' playlist worthy. I was particularly drawn to "24 To Vector Z", with its delightful downtempo mixed in with the calypso and the dreamy riffs; "Rings Of Saturn", with the hostalgic, 8-bit Nintendo video game glitz (in fact, this one sounds like a techno/synthpop remix of the late Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean", a memorable goldie oldie from my very-much-coveted 80's!); "To Hold You Again", and it's late-night-drive groove (that lovely calypso displayed on "24 To Vector Z" plays all throughout this one, too); and "Ambiguities", where the robotic voice comes back and reels off a list of uncertainties (is this fake, or is this real?', 'is it going up or down?', 'are we in London or Tokyo?' ) to stimulate the mind. "Let's Go To Mars" is technically the longest track, but you'll also get that super-extended time to groove with the 8+ minutes of electronic extreme that are "All Flowers Must Fade", "Islands" (not the breezy paradise vibe you might expect, but a dazzling pop party nonetheless!) and "Black Boots & Sine Waves" (now there's an intriguing title). I'm glad I spent the hour plus with this music that I did; turns out listening to "Idealism" was a great idea indeed:

1. Let's Go To Mars
2. 24 To Vector Z
3. Islands
4. Rings Of Saturn
5. All Flowers Must Fade
6. To Hold You Again
7. Attitude
8. Ambiguities
9. Misty
10. Let's Go To Mars (Instrumental Reprise)
11. Black Boots & Sine Waves
12. Glimmer In His Eyes

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