Friday, June 30, 2017

DV8-Who's Normal? (1994)


No deviation whatsoever from this current streak of fulfilled personal music wishes that I'm on! The short-lived David Burrill dance project that called itself DV8 released one and only one album, and I'm happy to say that I have finally received on CD! For those of you who have heard David Burrill's two solo works from the 90's—"Bump Da Booty Blue" and "Sinner"—you'll love listening to 1994's "Who's Normal?" just as much! Although David is joined by an unknown soulful female diva on the classic house/Eurodance-style jams of "Let The Walls Fall Down", "Feel The Rhythm" and "Got To Dance"; he provides the raps while the lady sings the chorus. Then on "Do You Wanna Dance?", they both share the lead vocal duties, with the lady being featured most of the way through. He gets the solo spotlight first on "Addicted To Love" (yes, the 80's music lover in me halfway wondered if it would be a dance cover of the rockin' Robert Palmer hit—wrong again, but an addicting jam for sure!), then next on "Where Are You Now?" (and I halfway wondered if this would be another cover, too; a song by this exact title was a beautiful ballad by the Belgian Euroance project, 2 UNLIMITED). Even with all of the high-energy thrillers I enjoyed before it, the slowed-down, middle-tempo cut, "Is It Love?", turned out to be my prevailing favorite. The arrangement music played a big part in that decision, particularly David's whispering words of seduction against the moody, atmospheric ambiance, which gives the music its unsettling, haunting charm and appropriately creates the whole 'mystery' theme of love and such. You'll get one last high-energy charge with the concluding title track, which is like a rough round of hardcore sex if you ask me. The intensity of the industrial/techno beat sets the stage, but it's David's chants of ' who's normal anyway? ', plus his lyrics talking about girls liking both guys and other girls and the lady moaning 'I wanna be the one on top' all throughout, that give you the give you the clear picture of what's going on here:

1. Let The Walls Fall Down
2. Got To Dance
3. Addicted To Love
4. Walk Away From Love
5. Feel The Rhythm
6. Do You Wanna Dance?
7. Where Are You Now?
8. Is It Love?
9. Who's Normal?

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