Friday, June 9, 2017

Haddaway-My Face (2001)


Yes—this is indeed a face I've seen many times.....and one that I'm sure a lot of dance music lovers have seen many times as well! While I've been on my current Eurodance kick, it occurred to me (there always seems to be something 'occurring' to me during my music explorations, in fact) that it's been a while since I've indulged in any tunes by some of my all-time favorite artists from this genre. That's why I decided today to reconnect with The Great And Honorable Haddaway (and yes, I do say he deserves that title), who rocked the dance music world way back in the day with his memorable hit, "What Is Love?". Well it seems I've just created some new memories for myself, as I would enjoy my first ever listen to this album released (already) sixteen years ago, which further revealed to me that I haven't gotten around to hearing much of Haddaway's post-New Millennium discography (except for the amazing 2010 single , "You Gave Me Love"). I was reminded that Haddaway has one of the most refreshing voices within the wide world of Europop music upon taking in the killer beat of the opener called "Bounce". Yeah, I would agree that this jam is definitely something to 'bounce' to; totally digging the deep bass, the glitzy synthesizing and that special choppy rhythm heard at the end of each verse. Nearly lost in the cool arrangement of the music is the story about a man whom he i's trying to convince to 'bounce' out of a locked-in marriage. Ahhh, back to vintage Haddaway on the disco-groovy follow up, "Deep", which is the ultimate feel-gooder! Deep in the arms of heaven, deep in the arms of love—something to feel good about alright! There's a bonus treat taking the form of a special live version later on where the high-energy Euro-disco is replaced with a funky, pop/rock arrangement, which is still makes for a listening delight! "You've Got The Music" is explosively great with its bombastic beat and scintillating orchestrals igniting the senses right from the get-go; it's jams like these that are the reason why I miss Haddaway and the whole Eurodance era of the 90's and early 2000's! Fueling that music nostalgia further is the thunderously epic, high-speed techno-tastic (my reinvention of the word 'fantastic' there) thriller, "Push Push". One thing that I've always admired about Haddaway is his versatility, exciting the dance lovers with the Euro-disco thrills while also satisfying the easy-listening audiences with his middle-tempo cuts and soulful ballads. The latter part of his versatile repertoire is where the bulk of my new Haddaway hits can be found. There's "Gotta Be" (and you 'gotta' love the funky Europop beat and the chords in the first five seconds), which has some really beautiful and thoughtful lyrics as he confesses that he doesn't want to have to find the woman with another man; "It's Not Far" (something about the chilled, breezy ambiance the light guitar flowed well with me here); "Love Is Blind" (I dig the old-school vibe to this one, plus the sad overtones accented by the chords and the one line that touched me a lot: 'are couples just a number at the end of the day?'); "Man Of Me" (some epic, thunderous production beneath the blissful sunniness of the melody to report on this one); the shining moment that is the acoustic piano piece that very much deserves to be called "Heaven"; the equally heavenly "Bit Of Angel" (I like how he compares himself to being a little but of heaven, a little bit of hell and everything else in between); and the funky, bluesy rock party on the somehow charming, intimate concluding cut called "Miss Joan". Whew! It's difficult to choose which of these wow me more than the others when faced with so many goodies to rave about here:

1. Bounce
2. Deep [Radio Version]
3. You've Got The Music
4. Gotta Be
5. Push Push
6. Man In The Moon
7. It's Not Fair
8. Love Is Blind
9. Show Me Your Dreams
10. Man Of Me
11. Bit Of Angel
12. Heaven
13. Deep [Live Version]
14. Miss Joan

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