Tuesday, June 27, 2017

IDOLZONE-Idolzone (1996)


Wait—make that four personal music wishes fulfilled in a row! I have had my 'eye' on this IDOLZONE boyband for quite some time, looking forward to adding both of their albums to my music collection. Was quite surprised when I ended up acquiring their self-titled debut first; for some reason, I I had focused more on getting their second one, "Highlights". Well, there are plenty of 'highlights' to be enjoyed right here, and this time, I decided to change things up and begin with all of the English tracks.. Four of them altogether, with three of the four coming in the form of more of that Filipino warming ballad goodness that I adore so much: "I Love You The First Time I Saw You" (I suppose this rather long title is accurate?), "It Will Be Alright" (the vocal harmony is beautiful here, as is the woodwind instrumental midway through) and "Till I Met You" (a thoughtful song penned here where they confess they never knew what love was until that special moment). As for the fourth, it may as well have been the IZOLZONE anthem! This thriller of a full-on dance jam is nothing but pure groovy fun and seems it was purposely intended to get you up and moving, if the super catchy beat and their simple lyrics of ' we're gonna take you to the Idolzone ' are any clear indication. As for the Tagalog language tracks, there's another fine trio of nicely-performed ballads that soothe the heart: "Bakit Ba Ikaw" (now here's a song title that I believe I've seen on several other OPM albums; at the very least, the song structure seems familiar), "Unang Yakap" (one of those warming, lofty ballads with the orchestral accompaniment giving the music a moving, epic glow) and "Kailan Kaya" (one where the guys showcase their smooth collective voices; two versions of it recorded here for good measure). Besides their groovy dance anthem, the only two other times when the beats are on the upswng is when they present "In Love Sa'yo Babe" (the beat is great and I like the style of their deliver; definitely wish this one was in English!) and the final cut, "Gising Na", which has a bouncy, stage show, theatrical glitz to it that my ears and I personally found quite infectious:

1. Till I Met You
2. Bakit Ba Ikaw
3. Kailan Kaya
4. I Love You The First Time I Saw You
5. Idolzone
6. Unang Yakap
7. It Will Be Alright
8. Kailan Kaya (Duet Version)
9. In Love Sa'yo Babe
10. Gising Na

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