Monday, June 26, 2017

JEREMIAH-Heart And Soul (1998)


Make that two personal music wishes fulfilled today! "Heart And Soul" was the elusive third album by the Filipino boyband missing from my collection; my long-awaited anticipation for it resulted in me leap-frogging over everything else I had slated in my listening lineup. As I've been doing with so many albums along the OPM circuit as of late, I once again decided to split things up and play all of the Tagalog tracks first, if just to reacquaint myself with these guys and their voices and give myself a little 'preview' of what would be in store on the English side. Turns out the four Tagalog tracks served as a perfect way for me to warm up to music, as they're all easy-listening slow jams that I'm sure charmed a lot of hearts and souls indeed. I especially liked the peaceful piano ballad, "Hindi Ako Katulad Niya", which reignited previous notions about resuming my learning of the Tagalog tongue. Such nice songs, but having no idea what they mean results in only half the adventure being enjoyed. One day, I'll have to change that. Meanwhile, the easy-listening slow jam formula works to perfection elsewhere, highlighted by "If Only I Could", another elegant piano ballad that speaks about wishing one could turn back the clock to make things right, as they should've been all along. This song is ideal for those lonely, rainy nights next to the living room window (at least that's the image that popped up in my head as the music coated my senses). The soft piano is clearly the instrument of choice that carries a lot of these songs, in fact; it makes sweet listens out of "Baby It Hurts" and "I'm Sorry", the latter which surprised me because the theme is not about reconciling with another girl, but rather, a plea to Our Creator for forgiveness for all of the wrong-doing in the songwriter's lifetime (ah, a bit of religious CCM mixed in with the pop and soul, as it were). The beats are on the upswing only a few times, but each time is a satisfying affair. "Dancing To The Music": this one's all about the funky dance groove and the splash of hip-hop thrown in by the guest MC rapper. "I Don't Wanna" delights with its funky jazz kick and an even better rap flow than that featured on the aforementioned track, plus its simple breaking-up-with-the-girl theme. The song that I admired the most, however, is "Can We Put A Stop?", where I once again get treated to a song with an important message for the world: putting an end to death, hunger, war, strife and all the evil things that we as a people do. 'Only peace and love'&mash;the words from this song that should be embraced here, if nothing else. And as always, an appropriate way to close out boyband album is by having the guys show off their marvelous vocal harmony; the acapella presentation of "Tell Me Girl" does precisely that:

1. 'Di Ko Kaya
2. O Bakit
3. If Only I Could
4. Dancing To The Music
5. Baby It Hurts
6. Can We Put A Stop?
7. Nanghihinayang
8. Hindi Ako Katulad Niya
9. I Don't Wanna
10. I'm Sorry
11. Tell Me Girl (Acapella)

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