Friday, June 23, 2017

Mr. Zivago-Tell By Your Eyes (2002)


I knew my electronic music explorations would lead me back to the world of Italo-disco eventually. Besides that, I've just been wanting to catch up on some Italo-disco listening altogether. I spent a good hour today getting acquainted with a fine singer who calls himself Mr. Zivago. Nice to meet you, Mr. Zivago, because you've just given me even more good tunes to bring me and my ears joy! The opening title track gets praises from me first; love the chilled ambiance, soft keyboards and the low-key, dancey bass line, plus the sing-along chorus consisting of him and his backing vocalists. It totally deserves the all-instrumental version found at the very end of this album. His first and only album, in fact, which was originally released back in 1992). So that explains the very 80's-sounding synthesized arrangements to these songs and why I got so hooked to them. "Say Yes" I immediately like because of the thumping beat and melody from the keyboards, plus the earnest words that are his plea for matrimony and eternal togetherness. "Alive"—one of those sunny, upbeat tunes that just makes you feel.....alive. At least that's that Zivago says when he sings ' when I'm with you, I feel alive '. * "You're The Only", the album's first and only slow song, is so touching and shows Zivago at his finest with the stunning, soaring vocal performance all throughout. ' You're the angel sent to me; the dream I've been dreaming ' are just some of the thoughtful words he has to offer here. Got a spark out of "Promises Bridge", too: electronic glitz put to dancey beat (I get that 'La Macarena' vibe here) is enough to attract me, but the touching words of ' if I could, I'd do anything for you ' totally put the icing on the cake here. Thought "Gloria" would be another great cover of the song I originally thought was a Laura Branigan original until realizing it was sung by Italian singer Umberto Tozzi; I actually started my listening of this album with "Gloria" first out of excited, irresistible anticipation. Not so this time, but still a warming song nonetheless. Mr. Zivago—it's been a pleasure, and I'm sure other listeners will be happy to get acquainted with you just as I have:

1. Tell By Your Eyes
2. Say Yes
3. Alive
4. Show The Love
5. Welcome To The Edge
6. Just For You To Be There
7. Sadness Is Like Snow
8. I Will
9. You're The Only
10. Gloria
11. Promises Bridge
12. Yesterday
13. Little Russian (Vocal Version)
14. Love In Moscow (Vocal Version)
15. Tell By Your Eyes (Instrumental)

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