Thursday, June 1, 2017

SILENT CIRCLE-Back! (1994)


And I gotta have my Eurodance, too! When I resumed making progress on organizing the 'S' artists in my library, it had occurred to me that I had only listened to one and only album by this German pop trio: 1998's, "Stories 'Bout Love", which was previously featured right here at "The Music Spectrum". Such a great and memorable listen that was; I even helped myself to a replay of my favorite track from that album, "I Need A Woman". So now I've brought SILENT CIRCLE back into my own music circles, looking forward to creating new music memories by going backwards chronologically to their second album. And thus far, I've created at least a few, with the first one being the fourth track, "Egyptian Eyes". Just as I had predicted, a slightly Middle Eastern-inspired chord arrangement allures the senses here, as does the song's smooth, middle-tempo Europop rhythm, which gives way for the totally 'Egyptian-sounding' instrumental during the midway beat drop break. All of it is a perfect backdrop for a song about a man who is dreaming of a woman with Egyptian eyes. The second music memory I created for myself is rather haunting "Hide In Your Shell". Also a middle-tempo Europop delight, I was drawn in by the moody ambiance and the glitzy electronic riffs during the intro, even though it felt like I was being guided into the darkest corners of reality with the chilling screams of the lady in the background. Yet the creepy sound is perfect for projecting the whole hiding-in-desolate-and-lonely-spaces theme offered in the lyrics. The ambiance and instrumental grooves, in fact, evolved as this album's primary attractions for my ears, which isn't what I had expected to be the case. Me getting into the zone right from the opening "Prologue", where one of the SILENT CIRCLE guys speaks with the suggestive, hypnotic words of 'enjoy the silence and listen to the music', was surely a telltale indication of that. Fueling that attraction further were the pair of instrumental-only cuts: "Entrance" (another goodie with a rather haunting, moody ambiance; I wonder if this title was a clever play on the simple phrase 'in trance', as that is exactly what the music builds up) and "Desire" (this one almost has that epic adventure movie soundtrack feeling about it). Everywhere else, then, it is a not-so-silent, SILENT CIRCLE Eurodance affair. That classic 90's Eurodance style—male DJ/female vocalist—is displayed on the high-energy, sunny breeze that is "2night" and on another one of my new-found favorites, "Every Move, Every Touch" (I like the unified lofty voices in the sunny, sing-along chorus, which caused the song to grow on me the more it kept getting repeated). Yet some of these are much more than just a high-energy Eurodance affair: "Take A Chance", with his mellowed, tender words of ' don't wait for long, love can't be wrong '; "Just Another Moment", another one that warms and cuddles with its words; "Tell Me Why", with the theme of risking new love (almost a reprisal of the same idea projected nine tracks before it on "Take A Chance")..... I'll still take them all and their Euro-dancey glitz and spark, of course, as I will with both "Talk Is Cheap" (the part that hooks me on this one is the last line of the chorus that restates the title in bold and clear unison) and "Night After Night" (a high-speed techno rush from start to finish, with minimal vocals and long periods of electronic ambiance mixed in for nice contrast). SILENT CIRCLE—not to be silenced anymore:

1. Prologue
2. 2night
3. Take A Chance
4. Egyptian Eyes
5. Just Another Moment
6. Entrance
7. Talk Is Cheap
8. Hide In Your Shell
9. Desire
10. Every Move, Every Touch
11. Night After Night
12. Tell Me Why

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