Tuesday, June 13, 2017

TOY-BOX - ToyRide (2001)


With all of this Eurodance joyriding I've been enjoying lately, it only seemed fitting that I should open up the TOY-BOX—literally, that would be the zany Danish duo you see pictured above—and go joyriding with their final studio album quite appropriately called "ToyRide". Besides that, I've just been in need of a good bubblegum Eurodance fix; it was bound to happen again sooner or later! Always lots of sweet, delectable goodies to munch on when it comes to these bubblegum artists, and this "ToyRide" joyride ensures that your bubblegum jar stays chock full of 'em! "Superstar" is one of those catchy, energetic sing-alongs that is perfect for snapping me right back in the bubblegum mood! 'I am a superstar with a big big house and a big big car, and I don't care who you are', the lead girl brags over and over, with her trusty male companion doing some bragging of his own when he boasts about his big muscles and how he loves all the girls in one of his abbreviated snippets midway through. The chorus is simply waaaaaaaaaaay too catchy! Yep—this one's guaranteed to become an instant new favorite of yours! "www.girl" is super-catchy, too; I wonder if this cutesy, touchy sing-along pleasure was inspired by the whole Y2K/New Millennium hoopla that took the cybernetic world by storm from 1999 until 2001? Everything from the typing on the keyboard to the glitzy, digital-sounding electronic synthesizing in the music's arrangement to her declarations of 'I need a World Wide Web boy with a World Wide Web toy' and 'here is my e-mail address' only add to the song's appeal! "007": a bubblegum song about secret agents and spies, perhaps? Yep, you guessed it! Felt like I was watching a movie scene during the midway dialogue snippet where they investigate the toy box, which ends up being a time bomb set to explode; you'd never think it was part of a Eurodance track if you hadn't heard the music that comes before and after. That, plus hearing him brag, 'bad girls scream when I show my gun', make for some very humorous moments. "Cowboy Joe": I knew this one would have a Western cowboy theme heading in, and that would be confirmed with the 'galloping' beat and all of the other stereotypical 'cowboy' stuff—from the 'yee-haws' right down to the cartoony gunshot ricochets. Things get addictive again when she chants 'go mighty! go mighty', as in 'Mighty Joe', whom she declares to be her cowboy hero throughout. "Dumm-Diggy-Dumm": the title to this one just oozes with sticky bubblegum, doesn't it? Turns out this is one of my favorites on this "ToyRide" adventure, as I was immediately turned on by the killer, bouncy mid-tempo synthpop beat that gives the song its rather low-key party vibe. 'If you wanna have fun, do the diggy dumm', she says, but then that begs the question, what exactly is the 'diggy dumm'? A question that only those deep in the bubblegum know can answer, I'd imagine. They stay with the mid-tempo beats on the equally fun adventure that is "S.O.S.", which has a haunted house/"Indiana Jones" kinda theme going on; she even takes the classic line from the "Ghostbusters" move when she says ' I ain't afraid of no ghosts '. Sweet ballads are a must on every bubblegum Eurodance album, and the one here that's coated with tons of sugar is "Divided". Her cartoonish, girly voice is actually perfect delivering the cute words against the soothing slow groove. And finishing off with the icing on the cake is one last high-energy hurrah: "Finally". The Spanish flavor was the first thing my ears received the first time I heard this one (that's always a plus in my book!), with the actual theme of the Danish duo finally being together in eternal love eventually being realized. "ToyRide" is indeed a joyride, and a reminder that music that might be considered outside the box is still very much in style:

1. Superstar
2. Russian Lullaby
3. www.girl
4. 007
5. Cowboy Joe
6. Dumm-Diiggy-Dumm
7. Wizard Of Oz
8. Divided
9. Prince Of Arabia
10. S.O.S.
11. No Sleep
12. Finally

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