Friday, July 7, 2017

ALL 4 ONE-No Regrets (2009)


I found myself suddenly in the mood for a boyband and/or some male vocal harmony when I got nice and settled in on this Friday night. That's when I recalled that I still gotta lot of catching up to do with this awesome ALL-4-ONE troupe, especially with their post-New Millennium albums that I've never heard before. So I set aside an hour of my time to finally treat my ears to this "No Regrets" album that was gifted to me months ago.....and it just might be several months before it ends up on the shelf! It only took me a minute or two into the touching piano ballad, "Key To You Heart", to be reminded just how marvelously talented these guys are—both with their voices and their preferred song material (on this one, I like the image painted by their words of being left out in the cold without that key to enter back into the woman's life). Then every song thereafter was a pure delight in its own way! I could rave on and on about each one in a super-long paragraph, but perhaps it's best I highlight what sparked me about each one. It's the throwback soul feel of the 70's that draws me in on "Ol' Fashion Lovin' "; in the same vein, it's what caused me to sink into the music featured on "If Sorry Never Comes". That vintage ALL-4-ONE thatI like&mdashl;where the arrangement is that slow beat and the stunning, soaring vocals—shows up on "Perfect" (and this song really is perfect—both from an easy-listening radio standpoint and an overall quality standpoint, where the songwriter confesses he's not a perfect man, yet is perfect for the woman who's just right for him), "My Child" (a touching song about still wanting to be in the child's life despite the man an the woman no longer being in love) and the superb acapella finger-snapping pleasure that is " You Don't Know Nothn' " (this on's actually a positive song, with the message being that the girl doesn't know anything about him until she knows that he loves her; I further like how the guys decide to Fhave some fun with the song towards the end when they each take turns singing their part of the chorus in their respective voice ranges). Sunny and heart-warming feelgooders come by way of "Regret" (actually a positive song, too, where they admit to having no regrets about being attached to the girl at all), "I Luv That Girl", "The Day Life Began" (a beautiful song dealing with how love changed him for the better) and "Blowin' Me Up", which is the album's second thrilling dance jam that totally ignited my senses! And as for that first dance thriller? It was back on Track #5's "Go"; whose electro-funky glitz I found as a shocking surprise, given ALL-4-ONE's trademark soul/r&b sound! While I was busy groovin' and having my adrenaline pumped by the electrifying beat, I'd nearly forgotten that the song itself was quite negative, dealing with him confessing that he needs to go and get out of the painful relationship that he's in. Of course, what fine r&b album can ever be without a song about angels? The concluding piece reiterates my constant notion that songs with the word 'angel' in its title always make for some heavenly ear candy. It appears that I ended up raving on about this album in extensive detail anyways, and I have absolutely no regrets about doing so:

1. Key To Your Heart
2. Ol' Fashion Lovin'
3. Regret
4. If Your Heart's Not In It
5. Go
6. If Sorry Never Comes
7. Perfect
8. I Luv That Girl
9. My Child
10. The Day Life Again
11. Blowin' Me Up
12. You Don't Know Nothin'
13. When I Needed An Angel

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