Tuesday, July 18, 2017

BAD BOYS BLUE-Follow The Light (1999)


I followed my heart to finally do a feature presentation on my all-time favorite German dance group! Staying in tune with a lot the Italo-disco artists—and their related Eurodance cousins&mash;as of late, I treated myself to this trio's "Follow The Light", which is one of the albums in my BAD BOYS BLUE collection that I haven't heard as much as the others. In fact, in the hour-long plus joyride that these sixteen tracks took me on, I can honestly say only one of them sounded the least bit familiar: "I Can't Live". It's one off the group's many signature halfway Eurodance, mostly mid-tempo symthpop-arranged numbers that I've come to like, and the sunny air about the chords and the warming, unified harmony declaring the touching words contributing to the I-can't-live-without-your-love theme reminds me of another beautiful song crafted by this trio called "Lovers In The Sand". I'd completely forgotten about their groovy dance remake of THE DRIFTERS' classic, "Under The Boardwalk", which I didn't even recognize until I heard the chorus and the telling distinctive deep vocals delivering the title lyrics; always fun to hear these classics reinvented in a new Eurodance format. As for the other groovy dance thrillers, there's there's so many goodies to indulge in—the opening title track, "Thinking About You", "Back To The Future", "Listen To Your Heart", "I'll Be Around", "Sweet Love"—with my #1 favorite being "Hungry For Love". That one is performed in the classic Eurodance style with the rapping MC in the first couple of verses (the rap makes it especially fun in Verse 1 when he goes 'like Miss Jackson, I miss you much', as a cool tribute to one of Janet's 80's hits). and the main vocalist singing the chorus (a second cool tribute to LaBELLE's "Lady Marmalade" with the 'voulez vous coucher avec moi' lyrics). I also like all of the energetic ones whose sunny warmth just makes me feel happy all over: "Ride On A Star", "Love Is No Crime" (a rather dreamy, starry song that has a romantic, almost magical allure about it) and "Have You Ever Had A Love Like This?". Of course, this German trio had to record at least one song in their long and prosperous career with the word 'blue' in its title; on this album, that would be Trerack #10's "Baby Blue", which draws you in with the dreamy ambiance beneath the techie beat and grows on you quickly with their smooth collective voices singing 'I cry over you baby blue' over and over in the chorus. The song ends up coming off as having a very soothing, ethnic vibe that melts into the senses; I'd say it's super-worthy of it being recorded as an instrumental-only version:

1. Follow The Light
2. Thinking About You
3. When I Kiss You
4. I Can't Live
5. Under The Boardwalk
6. Back To The Future
7. Listen To Your Heart
8. Hungry For Love
9. Sweet Love
10. Baby Blue
11. Rhythm Of Rain
12. I'll Be Around
13. Ride On A Star
14. Love Is No Crime
15. Have You Ever Had A Love Like This?
16. Back To The Future (Level 1 Remix)

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