Sunday, July 2, 2017

BAHA MEN-Who Let The Dogs Out? (2000)


Yeah, you remember this one! If you stayed tuned to popular radio back in the late 90's and the early 2000's, you definitely heard countless replays of the song that bears the title to full-length album by the same name. I couldn't resist taking another trip back to the islands with my favorite Bahamian boys, the BAHA MEN; I was just in the mood for something from my collection with a festive, feelgood vibe. Of course, the title track itself is already feelgood enough; some real nostalgia coming back to greet me with the way they make like barking dogs in the unforgettable chorus. Though as fun as that one is, I'm betting a lot of people probably never got to hear the 'Barking Mad Mix' found at the end of this album, which turns this summertime hit into a Eurodance thriller! Want more dance? You'll get it with the ultra-groovy island rhythm to "Getting Hotter", "You're Mine" (this one sure sparks the senses, the best part coming when they break down and describe all of the things about the girl that they like), the 'Junkaroo party' that is "What's Up, Come On", "Shake It Mamma" and my personal fave, "You Can Get It", which is a full-on house jam filled with words of motivation and inspiration on how you can claim whatever prize that you seek. It's still a BAHA MEN party even when the tempo slows down a bit for "Get Ya Party On" (this one's absolutely designed to pump up the crowd!) and for the fun hip-hop segment that is "You All Dat". Once again, there's a great tune providing some delectable food for thought for all of humanity to devour that I must highlight: "It's All In The Mind". Amidst the cool, trip-hop groove are the encouraging words to 'believe what you see, not what you think' and 'open your eyes' so that you can see the real truth.happening around you. There's always room for the touching, sad song to capture your heart, and that's where Track #8's "Where Did I Go Wrong?" comes into the picture. I'd already adored it the moment the melancholy chords of the opening overture entered my ears, but I just kept loving it more as the beautiful flow and the nice BAHA MEN harmony in the chorus became prominent. The song, which is all about the songwriter's humble plea of what he can do to make the girl come back to him, definitely would sound great as a pure slow jam (which is how it starts off), but the extra kick in the tempo that takes over after the first verse is all good with me, too:

1. Who Let The Dogs Out?
2. You All Dat
3. Get Ya Party On
4. Getting Hotter
5. Summer Of Love
6. You Can Get It
7. It's All In The Mind
8. Where Did I Go Wrong?
9. You're Mine
10. What's Up, Come On
11. Shake It Mamma
12. Who Let The Dogs Out? (Barking Mad Mix)

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