Tuesday, July 4, 2017

BEFORE DARK-Daydreamin' (2000)


I spent some after-dark hours tuning in to this lovely all-female r&b trio's one and only album. Actually, " Daydreamin' " is technically their second, as it's a re-release of their 1998 debut, "Love Story", with a few changes in the track-listing. So in that respect, another long-standing music wish has also been fulfilled while for me, I had something smooth to keep me company as I waited for the sun to rise. It's always fun hearing these female r&b groups sing these songs about the games of creeping around and fooling with another man and whatnot, and these BEFORE DARK ladies aren't shy about keeping all of the naughty behind-the scenes action in the dark on "As Far As They Know". Then they gotta have a fun song about a man who lost out on love when he waited too long and missed his chance; such is the consequence he has to pay on "Tough Love" (a favorite of mine largely because of the cool syncopated beat and just the whole arrangement of the song altogether). And of course, no good r&b album can be without a dazzling array of slow jams to groove to; you'll get plenty of time to do that with "Always On My Mind", "It's All About You", and my second favorite on the album, the delightfully dreamy "Daydream" (such beautiful vocal harmony against the lofty orchestral ambiance; I felt like I was caught up in a romantic daydream for real). In addition to those moments, there are a flurry of other upbeat tunes to bump to (=as well: "Baby", "Push N Shove" and "Back Around", plus the bonus extras of "Sweetie Pie" and "Ooh Boy!", which can both be found the original (and elusive) 1998 release. Even the brief interlude snippets add to the album's entertainment value. The opener, "Going To The Movies", and its corresponding closing outro at the end award a few laughs (you'll hear the ladies in some silly dialogue with the men they encounter both inside and outside the theater) while the midway 'bathroom interlude' shows the ladies showing off their collective voices by singing praises to the Lord above acapella style:

1. Jazzy Interlude - Going To The Movies
2. How Could You?
3. Monica
4. As Far As They Know
5. Baby
6. Always On My Mind
7. It's All About You
8. Interlude: In The Bathroom - Given So Much
9. Come Correct
10. Tough Love
11. Daydream
12. She
13. Push N Shove
14. Back Around
15. Outro: Leaving The Movies

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

16. Sweetie Pie
17. Ooh Boy!

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