Tuesday, July 11, 2017

BLUE SYSTEM-Hello America (1992)


I figured if I'm going to continue immersing myself in the tunes of the German duo, MODERN TALKING, then it would only seem natural that I'd also start showing more love to Dieter Bohlen's other synthpop music project. Before today, I'd only one full listen to a BLUE SYSTEM album under my belt: 1995's "Forever Blue". 1992's "Hello America" marked my second, and just as I recall mentioning before, I still say Dieter Bohlen reminds me of Bonnie Tyler when he's singing—that husky, raspy voice, which did take me a minute or two to into the dancey opener, "Romeo & Juliet", to get used to all over again. That classic MODERN TALKING style, where it's either him of Thomas Anders showing off the high and lofty voice in the sing-along chorus, is definitely present here, particularly on the fun mid-tempo jam, "I Like Your Sexy Body", where he even add a bit of hip flavor with his rap offering during the midway break. And in similar classic MODERN TALKING style, where the beat and the music altogether are often super catchy, was the high-energy thrill that is "Satellite To Satellite". Yet I enjoyed an even bigger thrill than that; Track #3's "I Will Survive" became an instant new favorite with the happy, feelgood brightness that the chords and the lyrics of confidence project onto my ears. Not a cover of the Gloria Gaynor hit by the same title, but coincidentally, there's a soul diva who performs alongside him all throughout. What came totally unexpected, but ended up being delightful surprises, were the epic ballads of "Crossing The River" and the title track itself; both make excellent use of dramatically thunderous, introductory overtures provided by the majestic, instrumental production of the backing orchestra,. It's that same orchestral group, I suspect, who creates the moving instrumental score that serves as this album's closing piece simply called "Final". Additionally, there's a nice change of pace from the energetic dance and upbeat Europop when the guitar-driven, easy-listening breeze of "Wonderful World" melts into the ears—an island vibe perfect for a song about finally finding love being a paradise:

1. Romeo & Juliet
2. Crossing The River
3. I Will Survive (Radio Edit)
4. I Like Your Sexy Body
5. Satellite To Satellite
6. Hello America
7. Vampire
8. Wonderful World
9. Heartache No. 9
10. Unfinished Rhapsodie
11. Final

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