Thursday, July 20, 2017

BOYZONE-Said And Done (1995)


From the blazin' beats of BLAZIN' SQUAD I go to another squad of boys who sung to 'a different beat'—figuratively and literally, in fact. Something that had been on my music-listening agenda for months was at last fulfilled today when I treated myself to nearly two complete listens of BOYZONE's debut album. It really felt nice reconnecting with the younger incarnations of Ronan Keating and the late Stephen Gately and company, whom I had so often in the past got confused with fellow Irish boyband WESTLIFE (and I've still got some reconnecting to do with Mark Feehily and company as well). The near two complete listens almost happened because there are so many wonderful songs here, and they still sound as great to me as I remembered them! Standing as my #1 favorite is Track #3's "Love Me For A Reason", which is THE reason I had to have this album in the first place! The song is a lush masterpiece—seamlessly produced with an excellent chorus whose lyrics always stick to me: ' don't love me for fun girl, let me be the one girl, love me for a reason, let the reason be love '.Yep, you can bet "Love Me For A Reason" got played by me twice in the same sitting! I stopped there (if only to get my review completed), but I am sure I'll soon be giving the replay treatment to the opening dance cut, "Together" (a kind of a bubblegum Euro-house tune when taking into account the simple and sweet love lyrics, which makes it all the more fun to listen to!) and "So Good", my #2 favorite on this album because of everything going into the dance/pop beat, the delivery and the production quality that makes me feel so good! Some songs I hadn't heard by these boys in ages that are now being considered for new playlist additions: "Can't Stop Me" (a dreamy, Euro-house jam that I'm certain is being lead by Gately on vocals), "I'll Be There" (not a cover of THE JACKSON 5 classic, but very much a comforting love song with an almost majestic sound, thanks to the accompanying trumpets), "Key To My Life" (I keep getting drawn to these touching, mellow songs with the solid chorus hooks) and "Arms Of Mary" (an almost religious, hymnal vibe going on with this sad yet comforting piece). Thinking further about hymns and religion and such, there's quite a few other gems here that have a heavenly glow about them that delight my senses—the title track, for one, plus "Oh Carol" and "Coming Home Now"—while charming offerings like "If You Were Mine" and "Believe In Me" grow and grow on you until you are totally encapsulated by the music. I'm done with this particular review of BOYZONE, which shows there's still lot to be said about their early success:

1. Together
2. Coming Home Now
3. Love Me For A Reason
4. Oh Carol
5. When All Is Said And Done
6. So Good
7. Can't Stop Me
8. I'll Be There
9. Key To My Life
10. If You Were Mine
11. Arms Of Mary
12. Believe In Me
13. Father And Son

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