Monday, July 31, 2017

C.C. CAMPBELL-Souls In Harmony (1997)


My streak of sharing cover song treats takes a surprise twist now with me having fulfilled a music wish of one of my devoted blog followers! The Dutch vocal group that calls itself C.C. CAMPBELL released only one known full-length studio album to date before apparently becoming a live performance/tour only group.....and it too is an exciting thrill ride! "Souls In Harmony"—the official working title for this one describes exactly what these guys collectively bring to the table! Once I got a taste of their talents in their opening dynamite cover of THE TEMPTATIONS' "My Girl", I was completely 'souled out', already wishing that they had released more than just the one album before I even made it all the way through their dance/pop remake of Lionel Richie & THE COMMODORES' "You Are". It was getting re-schooled on those two oldies and the others that I readily recognized from past experience: "Everybody Plays The Fool" (they take a more warming, soothing approach with this one; it would be perfect for the smooth jazz radio airwaves), "Lean On Me" (always a joy to hear another version of the Al Green classic; they take a more chilled, serene approach than the more upbeat CLUB NOUVEAU and Sean Maguire versions from the 80's and 90's, respectively), "Miss You Nights" (I previously enjoyed WESTLIFE's version), "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" (the super-extended jazzy house instrumental rhythm before the first vocals are heard is great!), "Words" (a beautiful classic that fellow boyband BOYZONE covered as well). But it was equally entertaining getting newly schooled on some of these for the first time ever: "You've Really Got A Hold On Me" (this totally sounds like an ALL-4-ONE style production; what stuck to me here is the excellent harmony and the soulicious touch they put on their delivery of 'hold me tighter' in the chorus), "I Am On My Way" (this one has an almost spiritual feel with the organ, the keyboards and the clapping; the song itself speaking of hope and brighter days just fills me up), "Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart" (here, they show off that soulicious harmony with the acapella intro, while the whole song itself captivates me, especially the words that make up the intriguing title) and all of the song bits meshed together for the high-energy Euro-house party that is "4 Tops Medley" ("Bernadette" sounds like the only familiar one to me of the medley, with "Shadows Of Love", "Walk Away Renee" and "A Simple Game" to a lesser extent). That suggested database of covers songs I mentioned in my first YOUNG DIVAS post? It needs to be edited to include each and every one of these thirteen gems put on display here by this dazzling Dutch trio:

1. My Girl
2. You Are
3. Miss You Nights
4. You've Really Got A Hold On Me
5. Papa Was A Rolling Stone
6. If This Is Real
7. I Am On My Way
8. 4 Tops Medley
9. Words
10, Everybody Plays The Fool
11, Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart
12, Girls Medley
13, Lean On Me

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