Sunday, July 16, 2017

David Lyme-Lady (1990)


It was back to exploring the Italo-disco sounds of the 80's and 90's for me today, and I went with a singer that came to my attention when one of his two albums released back in the 80's was requested not too long ago. David Lyme and I got formally acquainted on the second of those albums—a special bonus track Japanese edition of the 1988 original, in fact—and this new connection led me to having 45+ minutes of music thrills, plus a slew of new favorites to add to my ever-growing playlists. The opening track, "Blue Jean", is classic high-energy Italo-disco just the way I've come to love it, and it would set the stage for the rest of the energetic jams that were to follow. "Dancing In Japan" became a favorite because of its sunny, pleasant sound and the catchy chorus that goes something like 'oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, I'm dancing in Japan, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, they're singing Tokyo', with the slight Far Eastern accent of backing vocalists delivering those lyrics, coupled with the Far Eastern-inspired chords adding a nice touch to fit the theme of the song. "Never Say You Love Me": A very dancey jam that stands as another reason why it pays to check out these unknown artists from time to time; it gets extra praises from me because of its sweet, jazzy overtones, That same shimmery jazz element is what turns my #1 favorite, "Let Me Be Your Love", into the dance party that it is! It's also a celebration of love; so positive and uplifting are David's confident words of wanting to be the lady's man, with the best part being that powerful punch in the shouted declaration of ' don't you want me now? ' at the end of every pass of the chorus. Thought "Dolce Vita" would be the same song sung by fellow Italo-disco star, Gazebo, but again, it's a song that turns out to be totally different in its arrangement and lyrics. Still the classic feel-good Italo-disco tune that was a hit with me and my ears, especially with its happy sing-along chorus of 'uh-oh-uh-oh baby, do you wanna dance with me?' and the secondary chorus highlighted by the 'hey hey, dolce vita, how can I get you'. Catchy choruses—well that's the theme that reigns supreme all throughout this album, actually, and even the bonus track, "You & Me" (which is a great finish to this album!) plays its part in this as well, with the fun comparisons David makes the love between him and his lady like two kids looking for affection and companionship. But before that, my ears were dazzled by a couple of fine ballads: "Close Your Eyes" (starts off sad before evolving into a warming piece) and the very moving and emotional title track, which gets the sweet jazzing up treatment and becomes one of those starry, soft rock radio perfect gems, as I always like to call them:

1. Blue Jean
2. Lady
3. Dancing In Japan
4. Hit Me Gringo
5. Never Say You Love Me
6. Let Me Be Your Love
7. Dolce Vita
8. Close Your Eyes
9. You & Me

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