Saturday, July 22, 2017

EDEN's CRUSH-Popstars (2001)


Taking a break from my planned electronic/synthpop explorations to bring another fulfilled request to "The Music Spectrum"! Proof that I still like to show love for the artists featured on any and all of these televised music competition shows is right here with the first and only album by this five-piece bunch that called itself EDEN's CRUSH. Pop music lovers and girl group fans alike should definitely eat this one up; there are so many fun songs for your listening pleasure! The show kicks off with "What's Good For The Goose", a great opening jam that makes excellent use of the old, funny adage ' what's good for the goose is good for the gander ' to make their point. "Get Over Yourself" was one of their most recognized hits ('get over yourself—goodbye!', the punch line from the chorus, keeps running through my head now), and for the dance floor lovers, the 'Al B. Rich' remix I supplied is a bonus treat especially for you! "Anywhere But Here": a very nice, fluid groove on this one while the girls take you on an international joyride with the mentions about all of the places they'd like to go with their man for a private romantic escape: Paris, New York City, and even climbing over the Great Wall Of China just to be with him. "Love This Way" is a warming song for everyone, the message being that everybody wants to be in love. What allures me especially is the girls' collectively lofty, tender voices (I like the sweet spice they put on their delivery of 'passionate' in the chorus). And just as with "Get Over Yourself", I've provided a couple of cool remixes as bonus treats—the Freestyle-groovy 'Bass Mix' and the full-on Eurodancey 'DJ Skribble Mix'. Seems that Mary J. Blige wasn't the only one who didn't want any more drama in her life when she recorded her hit song back in the mid-90's. The EDEN's CRUSH girls have their own words to say about drama on Track #6 when they confess that the man is nothing but bad news and vow to live their life stress free—I know that's right! Then playing along the same 'no more drama' theme is the follow-up, "I Wanna Be Free", which is where my favorite lyrics on this whole album are found when the guest male rapper says 'might as well go on "Jerry Springer" and get it off the ringer' (I used to watch that crazy talk show; now there's some drama!) during the midway rap break. Someone will get their 'Music Surprise Of The Day' when they check out this album's eighth track: a modern-day pop cover of the 80's Sheila E. classic! For me, it's just another trip down the road of childhood nostalgia. The words to the memorable chorus so true (the lesson being that money can't really buy you love), and I always love that acapella delivery of ' without love, it ain't much '. Of course, I gotta give mention to "1,000 Words (Mil Palabras)", because it's a bilingual track sung primarily in my favorite foreign language! The first verse and first pass of the chorus are sung in English while the second verse and second pass of the chorus are done in Spanish, with the latter of the two languages taking the song the rest of the way through. Even more Spanish flavor on the next one, "Two Way" (though only with the spoken words that serve as the intro), then on "It Wasn't Me", which sounds like it wanted to explode into a full-out festive dance track with a Latin flavor. Well there's still the Spanish flavor and a nice mid-tempo beat, and that makes it fun enough, with the girls' cheeky declaration that they're innocent until proven guilty.adding a nice touch to the song's whole investigative theme. It served as this album's proper concluding piece, and I'll also conclude this review itself with a mention of it: "Promise Me"; bittersweet, mellow ballads that shake the emotions make for some beautiful listens, and this is certainly one of them:

1. What's Good 4 The Goose
2. Let Me Know
3. Get Over Yourself
4. Anywhere But Here
5. Love This Way
6. No Drama
7. I Wanna Be Free
8. Glamorous Life
9. 1,000 Words (Mil Palabras)
10, Two Way
11. It Wasn't Me
12. You Know I Can

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

13. Promise Me
14. Get Over Yourself (Al B. Rich X-Tended Mix)
15. Love This Way (Bass Mix)
16. Love This Way (DJ Skribble Mix)

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